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Pride Reading: True LGBT Stories

Posted on 21 May 2014

You probably got plenty of reading done during the Polar Vortex. Who in their right mind would leave the house? But just because the weather has improved, that doesn’t mean that you should skimp on your reading. Just remember, if you go home with someone and they don’t own any books, you don’t sleep with […]


BOOK SHELF: “Redefining Diva” by Sheryl Lee Ralph

Posted on 08 June 2012

By Terri Schlichenmeyer   Is it so horrible to know what you want? You don’t think so. That’s why you’re decisive, you state your needs clearly and firmly, and you expect people to act accordingly. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. So why do people call you the “B” word that rhymes with itch? You’re not […]

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Posted on 12 April 2012

By TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER Imagine going on the cruise of a lifetime. It would be so exciting! Imagine – you’d have a whole ship to explore. You could swim and play games, watch dolphins in the ocean, snack all day, and mess around without worrying your parents. Maybe you could even get a tour of the […]

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BOOK REVIEW: 100 Years of TITANIC: A Shipload of Books about the Doomed Liner

Posted on 11 April 2012

By TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER   “Voyagers of the Titanic” by Richard Davenport-Hines © 2012, William Morrow $26.99 / $29.99 Canada 342 pages, includes index   There’s no doubt about it: moving stinks. You pack your belongings, living with cartons and mess in the meantime, always needing something that’s stashed in a mystery box. Then you haul […]

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Posted on 05 April 2012

By TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER “Gypsy Boy: My Life in the Secret World of the Romany Gypsies” by Mikey Walsh c.2012, Thomas Dunne Books $24.99 U.S. & Canada 288 pages When you were very small, there wasn’t much you wanted. Clean diapers, a cuddle, and food made the shortlist early on. Stuffed animals were slowly added, then […]

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Book Review – Bobby Blanchard Lesbian Gym Teacher

Posted on 17 June 2010

Bobby Blanchard Lesbian Gym Teacher, Written by Monica Nolan. Kensignton Books. $15.00 (USD). Review by Ily Goyanes First off, the title alone should tell you that this is not a serious read, but Bobby Blanchard Lesbian Gym Teacher never, for a single page, pretends to be. Author Monica Nolan pokes fun at classic lesbian pulp […]

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Book Reviews

Posted on 27 May 2010

Reviewed By ILY GOYANES Boys in Heat. Edited by Richard Labonté. Cleis Press. $14.95 (USD). This varied collection compiled by Richard Labonté contains both sugar and salt. With some saccharine-tinged stories likeA Recipe For… by Kal Cobalt and some very briny stories likeMiss Vel’s Place by Jonathon Asche, Boys in Heat offers up tantalizing treats for […]

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