Gay man suing Fort Lauderdale Police department

Posted on 27 May 2010

Claims police punched him and yelled faggot


A Boca Raton man arrested for several traffic charges including fleeing from police officers on his motorcycle in December is suing the Fort Lauderdale police department for brutality.

Ronald Clouse Jr., 42, claims that officers “punched him at least four times with a closed fist while he was pinned underneath his motorcycle. Additionally, he alleged that a back-up unit yelled derogatory comments at him while he was being punched in the face,” according to a complaint filed by Clouse with FTLPD.

According to the police report on December 26, 2009 FTL officer T.M. O’Neal attempted to stop Clouse after he saw him make an illegal lane change on N.

Federal Hwy and Oakland Park Blvd.

When officer O’Neal turned on his lights Clouse began to slow down, and then sped back up. He did this several times until he lost the officer. Later the officer found Clouse with his green motorcycle broken down on Las Olas Blvd. The officer said that he attempted to initiate a traffic stop with Clouse on Las Olas, but as he approached Clouse attempted to ride away.

“Clouse hit the curb and fell of the motorcycle, The motorcycle fell on top of him. Clouse then attempted to get but again but again fell. Myself and other officers had to pick up the motorcycle off of Clouse. I then was able to handcuff Clouse without incident,” the police report states.

“My father was the chief of police in the town I grew up in,” Clouse told the Broward new Times. “I never imagined that anything like this would ever happen to me. But I’m still so upset I have trouble leaving the house. I never really thought much about post-traumatic stress, but now I think that’s exactly what I’m feeling.”

Police have concluded an internal investigation and determined that officers acted within their jurisdiction within the incident and no action will be taken.

Clouse is scheduled to appear in court on June 24 to face charges of fleeing or attempting to elude an officer; passing a vehicle within an occupied lane while on a motorcycle and driving with a suspended license. No court date has been scheduled for the civil complaint.

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20 Responses to “Gay man suing Fort Lauderdale Police department”

  1. S.Daniels says:

    Clouse was not close to his family. Everything he said to the police about his family is not true. His has no contact with them because of this metal illness and violent behavior. This is not the first time Clouse has suffered such injuries. He had a similar motorcycle in Maryland and tended to run out of gas and has fallen many times from lack of balance (too high/drunk to deal with the weight of the bike). Not the first time he has had a motorcycle fall on top of him. I am pretty sure if a medical doctor examines him they will find old scars and similar mutilations which he has done to himself purposely and from careless behavior. He will do anything and everything to get his way.

  2. annony. says:

    wether or not he was close to his family now does not matter. He was close growing up and was an excellent student and participated in many school activites such as band and school plays. I do not see any reasons any police officer should hit anyone to the point it left ron. If a suspect is acting disorderly they have tasers for this. No reason what so ever to beat anyone. A badge does no make you above the law. Instead of punishing this man maybe try to get him the help he needs.

  3. anny says:

    who ever this S.Daniels person is does not know a thing about anything. Ron has close contact with his family. and yes his father is a retired police officer. Seems like you have the mental illness and stalking behavior to say anything negative you can about Ron.
    I can tell you first hand that Ron has close ties with his family. Your comments on FL News Time are just as ridiculous.
    Get a life and stop obesssing about his. You hold no countability.

  4. annonymous says:

    i have to agree with s.daniels when I knew Ron he was not close to his family. they tried to help him but you can only help so much. His true colors will be revealed in due time. trust me they took about a full year with me before I started to recieve harrasssment and physical injuries from the man that was supposed to be my dear friend. we were extremely close but all in all he has to be stopped and put somewhere where he can recieve help..before he injures himself and the lives of others..if he hasnt already!

  5. anny says:

    regardless if Ron was nor close with his family, or had issues with abuse that does not have any baring on this case or how he was mistreated. This isnt the first time this police officer has been in trouble.
    This case isnt about others personal opinions about Ron or arguments that he had with friends.
    I wish Ron the best of luck regarding this case and I hope that noone else has to be mistreated in the way he was.

  6. anny says:

    Who ever this S. Daniels is or who he say he is… LISTEN you are so wrong on many accounts regarding Ron Clouse’s family life and situation.
    This case is not based on past arguments with past friends or hurt lovers. THIS CASE IS BASED ON POLICE BRUTALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Very sad to see that people are not looking at the main issue… Police brutality… Look at the history of this police officer. This is not the first time the officer has been question regarding his conduct. The public should be very concern. Who will be next?

  7. anny says:

    I agree. I noticed the S. Daniels comment on other blogs too. What is your issue? Are you a police officer, past lover or stalker?

    This is a issue about Police Brutality!!!

  8. John Doe says:

    In my opinion, there is some truth to both sides. I knew Ron and he is close with his family. He loves them very much. That being said there have been times when his family has not been there for him and in fact threw him out of their house when he was coming out. Even with that, he still loved them very much and was close to them. Ron does have problems. But those problems manifest only when he is drunk. I find it interesting that there are no allegations that he was drunk or on drugs and he did not resist arrest. The wounds certainly do not look like a motorcycle accident and I question what civilian simply goes up to a cop and asks out of the blue if they are looking for someone on a green motorcycle. Even if he did flee and try to get away, the motorcycle broke down. How did it mysteriously start just as the officer got there in order to see him again try to escape and crash. I think not.

  9. Dick Jones says:

    Dear John Doe, I know for a fact that Ron’s family never threw him out of their house! Just another lie on Ron’s part. Plus his family and this love he says he has is also a lie. Which I will not share sicne Ron has told me in confidence…. He has made so many lies about his family he believes these lies. Which is sick. Ron has a problem with drugs and drinking. Which I do agree that his anger towards people manifest when he is on drugs and been drinking. I question his doctor who gives him ALL the med’s he takes. (which he abuses!!!!)
    However, the matter is that the motorcycle did not casue those injurys to his face… Let’s stay with the facts, that the Ft. Lauderdale Police Dept have some major problems of their own!!!

  10. Truth says:

    Ron Clouse needs to seek medical attention. The facts will come out. Maybe they sould contact his famil. He uses people to personal gain. I just hope this doesnt come out on the expense of the Ft. Lauderdale people. Becaus Ron Clouse passing these type of charges against the local police, the whole community will PAY!!! He owes so so so many pepole money. I just takes and asks others for money and ueses so many friends, family and lover! ANYONE THAT KNOWS HIM…….RUNS AWAY!!

  11. annony. says:

    I have known ron all his life. yes he has problems. and his famiy does love him a lot. but that is all besides the point. those that are bashing ron are the ones with the problems. Look at the case. It is not about his family history nor mental issues if you believe thier are some. It is about the police officer and what he has done. The police officer acted in a very inappropriate manner. And in my opinion should loose his badge.
    I hope to God that was the case today in court.

  12. Truth says:

    Ron Clouse has menal problems and I hope he gets help. Clouse’s case never went to court on June 24t. clouse had case post until Sept. Ask why he would???????? Make you think doesnt?????

  13. Truth says:

    this had a lot to doe with Ron’s family..l. he lied about eveything,, I know he lied to me several times.. he also sent several e-mails to me that are about his family.. He hates his family. very sick man.

  14. Truth says:


  15. riley says:

    Whether the police did this or not is for the courts to decide. There are many of us that knew Ron when he lived in Maryland. Ron is a very intelligent man but so was Ted Bundy. Being highly intelligent he has the game of manipulation perfected. I knew S Daniels. There were many of us that suffered at Ron’s hands physically. I have pics…black eyes, chunks of hair pulled out, busted lip, and strangle marks. As for his family, I can only go on what Ron told me. He didn’t paint a pretty picture. Other than Mikey Rooney being his step grandfather. Ron does need help. We are not posting on here to say the cop didn’t do it. I know Ron and when he flips he is out of control. As for the court case being postponed, it took almost two years for our case to get to court. Ron kept getting it postponed. The DA after seeing the evidence even suggested witness protection for us. If Ron takes his meds as they are prescribed and stays away from recreational drugs and alcohol he is an amazing human being. Before we crucify the cop all the facts need to be presented. Ron will say or do what he has to to make himself look good.

  16. LaFamilia says:

    I had the pleasure of marrying into the family.
    Very nice,salt of the earth people.
    I can assure you that Mickey Rooney? is not his “step ” grand father!
    I have met Ron personally.
    First impression’s were that he was not a “bad guy”.
    I do question some of his judgement’s in life,however,i feel people should hop off and let lady justice determine what happen’s.

  17. AnnyII says:

    I know for a fact….. that Mickey Rooney is NOT Ron’s Step grandfather!!! Being a family member. This whole THING is very sad. I have to agree with Riley. Being a family member of Ron Clouse, you can only believe what he said. However, he was loved and supported by his family. He choice to run away and not accept our HELP! It was a family member that bailed him out of JAIL and gave him lots of money to get himself back on his feet. Once the money stopped coming he stopped contacting and cut all ties….

  18. Formersupporter says:

    Anny11, I am pretty sure I know who you are…we have talked about this…you are right…when the money was cut off he stopped all contact…I am very disappointed in Ron and feel used…he has had so many continuances that I gave up hindsight I shoul have not posted the bail..Happy B-day to L

  19. sonya says:

    Ron’s family never kicked him out.Believe me I now , I was dating him for 2 years before he was forced “out” after I broke it off with him.. At the time I did not know Ron was guy , but that started his life to fall apart. His family found out, the whole town that his family was a cop found out . Ron counldn’t handle it , and ended up in the medical hospital after trying to kill himself. His parents , and sisters all tried to help him , he left them. But Rom always thought his family owed him something , it was all about the money and material things. I haven’t heard about Ron for over 20 years until a friend sent me this story. Ron had problems back then and I am sure not much as changed …


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