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Seven Men Arrested in Egypt for ‘Gay Wedding’ Video

Posted on 08 September 2014

According to the Egyptian state news agency, MENA, seven men have been detained in connection with a video allegedly showing the first gay wedding in Egypt. The men are accused of “incitement to debauchery” and “publishing indecent images.” The arrests came after the video, which seems to show two men exchanging rings and then kissing, […]


Brit Model Wins Mr. Gay World

Posted on 03 September 2014

Stuart Hatton Jr., a British model and dancer, was crowned Mr. Gay World on Sunday, beating out 32 other contestants. Mr. Hatton had previously won Mr. Gay U.K. and succeeds New Zealander Chris Olwage in his new role as Mr. Gay World. The competition was held in Rome, Italy. Mr. Hatton sees the title as […]


Israel Now Extends Citizenship to Same-Sex Couples

Posted on 13 August 2014

TEL AVIV–In what is being labeled as a ground-breaking interpretation of the Law of Return, Isreal’s Interior Ministry decided to permit non-Jewish same-sex marriage partners of Jews living abroad to immigrate to Israel and be granted Israeli citizenship, the ministry announced on yesterday Tuesday. According to a 1970 amendment to the Law of Return, “The rights of […]


Uganda Reworking Anti-Gay Law

Posted on 13 August 2014

KAMPALA – Uganda’s tough anti-gay law, only recently dismissed for a technicality by the country’s constitutional court, is set for a rewrite according to Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni. Museveni wants to re-issue the divisive gay law but without tough penalties for consenting adults, a ruling party lawmaker said on Tuesday. Writing for Reuters, Elias Biryabarema […]


AIDS Researchers Among Malaysia Airlines Victims

Posted on 22 July 2014

MELBOURNE, AU— The International AIDS Society has confirmed that at least six high-level researchers and AIDS experts were among those killed on the Malaysia Airlines flight downed Thursday over volatile eastern Ukraine. In confirming the deaths, the society’s president, Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, made note that her predecessor, AIDS researcher Joep Lange was among them. “The International […]


World Cup Called a “Homosexual Abomination”

Posted on 09 July 2014

MOSCOW, RUSSIA—A Russian priest called the on-going World Cup Games a “homosexual abomination” because the brightly colored players’ boots formed a “gay rainbow.” Wearing pink or blue shoes, “the players might as well wear women’s panties or a bra,” according to Alexander Shumsky on the Christian website Russian People’s Line. Russia, which was eliminated in […]


Gays Labeled “Flawed” by Conservative Group’s President

Posted on 02 July 2014

PRINCETON, NJ—Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) said that same-sex couples were “flawed.” In an interview with the Associate Press regarding a new Obama initiative to take gay rights global, Brown said, “”This is taking a flawed view of what it means to be a human being — male and female […]


Elton John to Reach out to Vladimir Putin During Upcoming Tour

Posted on 02 July 2014

LONDON, UK–Rock superstar Elton John said that he would like to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and talk about the issue of gay rights during his trip to Russia in November, according to an interview John gave to Britain’s Sky News. “I don’t know what good it will do,” the singer admitted. “But unless […]


First Gay Pride Parade in Cyprus Draws Massive Crowds

Posted on 04 June 2014

NICOSIA, CYPRUS—Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean by land mass and population, celebrated gay pride last week in its first ever show of solidarity for the LBGT community.  The inaugural event attracted an estimated 3,000 among the residents of this island of one million. “This proves that Cypriot society has progressed much more […]

Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Hit Skids in Hong Kong

Posted on 25 May 2014

Hong Kong–Critics opposed to equal rights for gays and lesbians are accusing Hong Kong’s oldest running counseling center for youngsters struggling with their sexuality of “brainwashing” children because of its plans to take part in a pro-gay-rights event next month. The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association, that has worked with the city’s children since 1936, […]

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