The Kinsey Sicks Gals On The Sunnier Side Of Things

Jameer Baptiste
Written by Jameer Baptiste

The four hilarious Dragapella ladies are finally back in South Florida to perform their laugh-out-loud comedy/singing stage performance. But before they hit the stage, I sat down with them to ask some poignant questions; however, in true Kinsey Sicks fashion I got these answers instead. Got to love them!

KS2 Trampolina, Rachel, Trixie, and Winnie

Jameer Baptiste: Where did the name Kinsey Sicks originate?

Trampolina: Did I mention that we have starred in two feature films, will soon release our ninth album, have had successful runs in Vegas and Off-Broadway show, and have appeared in over forty states plus, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australia?  What was the question? Where am I? Is it time to go onstage?

JB: Is The Kinsey Sicks a year round fulltime career?

Rachel: Shockingly, this is indeed a full-time gig. We are fortunate to live in a country populated by so many people with bad taste and discretionary income.

JB: Who comes up with the full on shows?

Rachel: We are entirely irresponsible for our own lyrics, musical arrangements, scripts, choreography, etc. This is not entirely by choice; no one else has been willing to be associated with us.

JB: How is it touring to different states to put on the show?

Rachel: Performing in numerous states and countries is key to our survival, as it gives places we have already performed a chance to forget how traumatic the experience was for them. This is how we get repeat bookings.

JB: Who is in charge, the group leader, the one who makes the decisions?

Winnie: (holds up pitch pipe and the Kinsey checkbook, and smiles)

JB: How do you prepare for each show?

Rachel: I can’t say too much, but it involves a ritual sacrifice of a journalist who asks too many questions.

JB: Where do you all get your inspiration from for new material?

Rachel: Unresolved issues of mental and emotional health.

JB: What is in the Kinsey Sicks’ future?

Trampolina: After the show, I’ll probably take off my heels.

JB: Where would you like to perform that you all haven’t yet?

Rachel: The Vatican. We’re also hoping to pop out of a birthday cake at Ted Cruz’ next birthday and, in addition, we expect an invitation to celebrate with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Or is it the other way around? I tend to get them confused.

JB: How would you describe The Kinsey Sicks’ looks as a group?

Trixie: I am stunning; the others are also on stage.

JB: Did you ever dream that you would be doing this in your lifetime?

Trixie: Please refrain from asking so loudly. I’m still dreaming and can’t afford to wake up.

Rachel: I did have this dream! Unfortunately, when I woke up I had to change the sheets.

JB: What was the funniest thing that has ever happened behind the scenes?

Winnie: The funniest, most bizarre thing ever to happen to us is this: we heard some audience members actually enjoyed our show! Can you imagine? We’re used to critics saying calling us “wickedly smart” (London Times) and “riotously funny” (Variety), or praising our “voices sweet as birdsong” (New York Times), but that’s because we promise to sleep with them (or in the case of Rachel, not to sleep with them.) But the fact that actual audience members have enjoyed our show is beyond the pale of belief!

JB: What are some of the backstage dramas?

Trixie: There is no drama. Long ago, the girls accepted that I am the most gorgeous and most talented of them all and naturally defer to my greatness. Any backstage squabbling you witness is merely the lesser three fighting for my attention.

JB: After being established for 20 years, what do you think keeps The Kinsey Sicks going strong as an enduring group?

Trixie: Several years of therapy.

Rachel: Yes, that and the fact that we’re all too f*$*ked up to survive on our own.

For tickets to their show at the Parker Playhouse on Sunday, February 21st, visit here.