Special Wedding Issue

Our Big Day: Laura Coogler and Katy Yankie

Alexander Kacala
Written by Alexander Kacala

1. How did you two meet?

LC: I met Katy through a mutual friend in a bar (of all places). Katy and I actually were lunch buddies for about a year before we started dating. A group of us would go to a downtown gay bar and shoot pool when the boys went onto the dance floor to line dance. Katy and I still joke about me saying that our first meeting was like a job interview!

KY: We met 21 years ago at a bar downtown called The District. It was primarily a men’s bar, but they had country dancing lessons on Thursday night. It cleared the pool tables, and a group of women would go in and play. Laura was a friend of a friend.

2. What is your favorite thing about your partner?

LC: When I met Katy, I knew she was my soulmate right from the start. We can share things and be together and not have to work so hard at it. My favorite thing would have to be that she is by my side with everything.

KY: It’s hard to name just one! My favorite thing about Laura is that she “gets me,” because we share many of the same values, like honesty, the importance of family, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

3. Who is more romantic in the relationship and how?

LC: I would like to think I am more romantic, but would have to say that Katy is. One Christmas, Katy forgot to buy a Christmas card for me. She went off in the other room and made the best, funniest card I ever got because she made it. We still laugh about this card and I keep it hanging in our home office.

KY: I think we would each say that we are the most romantic! We pay lots of attention to anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and try to make them special for each other, even after twenty years.


4. Describe your big day to our readers.

LC: Our wedding day was just that … a Big Day! Everything from getting ready to the actual ceremony, the venue, the food, music, and our joy and happiness as well as that of our families and family of friends made the energy of our evening absolutely amazing. Everyone involved really cared about what they were doing and actually made our day the best day we could have ever asked for. I cannot say enough good things about Jessica King, our wedding planner, for all her hard work – we never had to worry about one thing going wrong. Our photographers, LoFaro Photography, really captured our day beautifully from start to finish. Our pictures are spectacular! Every time I look at these pictures, I want to do all of it over again. Everything was just perfect.

KY: We got our marriage license at the Broward County courthouse on January 6, the first day it was legal, with a few beautiful words from Anne Atwell from Sunshine Cathedral, and bridesmaids Dennis and Tito, also from the church—we were couple number 24! However, we wanted to celebrate with a wedding, so we planned for March 28, 2015 at the Riverside Hotel, with 100 people in attendance. It was so wonderful having our friends and family participate—who gets to have their Dad walk them down the aisle at 54? So many things in life don’t turn out as you hope…our wedding was not one of those things. It was pretty perfect—everyone said that it was the most fun wedding they had ever attended. The Riverside Hotel was such a beautiful venue. We carefully chose the music, the ceremony, and the food, with help from Jessica King, our wedding planner. Our dear friend Rashid and his partner Michael did the flowers, and they were gorgeous! We had a bagpiper conclude the ceremony, which was just wonderful. Dear friends did the readings, and the minister was also an old friend. Having our friend Tiffany Arieagus perform was a dream.

5. What were you feeling at the exact moment you said, “I do”?

LC: An incredible amount of joy, love and happiness and a sense of peace that our relationship was now finally legal.

KY: Overwhelming love, great joy, and some continued disbelief!

Photography by: LoFaro Photography