Special Wedding Issue

Our Big Day: Osmany and Lior Caballero–Halabi

Alexander Kacala
Written by Alexander Kacala
  1. How did you two meet?

O: An online app.

L: Online. We talked there for a bit.

  1. What is your favorite thing about your partner?

O: His beautiful eyes and his goal driven outlook on life.

L: I like that he is sensitive and that he can cry from emotional movies. He has very high emotional intelligence. He is kind to people. He is very communicate. He can talk to everyone and anyone. People love him and he loves people.

  1. Who is more romantic in the relationship and how?

O: I am. I buy him flowers and make him amazing romantic dinners just about every night.

L: Osmany for sure. He makes me dinner, he loves all of the romantic things that couples are doing.


  1. Describe your big day to our readers.

O: It was a stormy afternoon on February 28th. We both dressed in dark blue. Close to 100 family members and friends were awaiting to see us tight the knot. The ceremony was flawless, the venue was decorated to perfection. I remember walking down the aisle while Arias Marin sang “All of Me” and our best friend and drag queen Athena Dion awaited to officiate the ceremony. We laughed, we cried, we kissed, we broke the glass, we danced and we shared the most beautiful moment of our lives with the ones we love the most.

L: We actually had two weddings. We had one that was the official wedding in DC. We did it very short notice. It was before it was approved to get married in Florida. We then had a big wedding with 100 guests in February with all of our family and friends in Miami. We did it all with only one week notice. We rented the tuxedos, the cake, and DJ, and Athena Dion was our officiant. We didn’t know her back then. It was really emotional.

  1. Tell us your favorite memory from your wedding day.

O: Lior’s speech. It was so heartwarming – he talked about my dad who had just recently passed. And also to see my mom’s face filled with joy.

L: The speeches. I made a really emotional speech and everyone was crying. I made my speech about how I was his anchor. His father had just passed away a year before and I said during my speech that I would be his anchor – I would continue his father’s legacy. And that I traveled this great distance to find him as my soul mate.

  1. What were you feeling at the exact moment you said, “I do”?

O: To be honest I was a little tipsy because of the bubbly. But you cannot put into words the rush of emotions, I still feel the same emotions when I think about it. It’s paralyzing.

L: That my decision to leave everything behind in Israel was right. For me it was complete only because I found my soul mate and partner. Because I found him, I knew I made the right decision.

Photography by: Reid Harrison Photography