Special Pet Issue

Gear, gifts and goodies

Written by Richard Hack

Finding the perfect toy, outfit, accessory or gift for your pet, or someone else’s is an adventure in excess. It’s a billion dollar industry with no shortage of concepts, suppliers and inventions.

Remember, any purchase must begin with the pet in mind—personality, size, and activity level are all primary factors in a selection. Ingenuity plays a big part as well.

We’ve done the legwork to simplify the process and showcase the finest in pet wear and state-of-the-art gadgets and gifts. Read on.


Cuddle Clones

These custom made plush cuddle clones of your favorite pet are individually made to produce an exact replica of man’s best friend or his feline cousin. Available in various sizes and poses, Cuddle Clones will amaze with the end produce, customized in China from photographs. At $249. www.cuddleclones.com.

Ginger Pet Clone


Nano Robotic Cat Toy

HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy! When turned on, this robot’s realistic behavior will fool many cats and even some humans into thinking it’s a real bug! The adventurous critter scampers and scurries around using vibration technology, as its soft and colorful furry-tail drags behind – calling the attention of nearby cats. $4.49. www.hexbug.com.



Pet Lion Costume

Add this lion mane to your dog or cat and create an instant costume for pet auctions and fashion shows. Let your pet roar his way to the top trophy. $23.99. www.kohls.com.




Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

Attaching to the collar of dogs or cats, this GPS Pet Tracker will alert you via text message and email alert if your pet strays outside of a selected parameter area. The device allows you to track your pet within 300 feet in any area of the country. With an app for iPhone or Android cell services, this pet tracker also keeps track of daily activity. $79.95. www.amazon.com.


Pet Chatz

This two-way video conferencing system allows you to see your pets over your iPhone or MacBook, and dispense treats from the system for good behavior. An accessory device called a PawCall allows your pet to initiate calls to you as well. $379.99. www.petchatz.com.

Pet Chatz



Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer

This is the puppy pad that recognizes when a pet has relieved itself properly, and dispenses a reward to encourage good habits – even when the owner isn’t there to provide praise. Internal sensors in the mat detect moisture and send a wireless signal to the treat dispenser, stocked with a dog’s favorite kibble. $99.95. www.hammacher.com.




Contech WaterDog Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain

If you have an outside dog, this is pretty much a necessity. It’s an automatic drinking fountain that turns on when your dog approaches, and turns off after they leave. They’ll quickly figure out that they can get a drink whatever they want by walking up to it, and this means they’ll stay properly hydrated even through the hot summer months. $169.99 www.amazon.com.




K&H Dog Cooling Bed

In the hot summer months in Florida, there is nothing that says pet luxury more than a cooling bed.. Dogs can overheat pretty easily, even though they are quick to pant when they start to get hot. It’s important to keep them cool, and this bed can really help with that as it diffuses heat when they lay on top of it. Additionally, it comforts arthritis, skin disorders, hip issues and more. $51.45. www.amazon.com. 




Frolicat DART Automatic Laser Pet Toy

Hours of unattended fun for dogs or cats, this motion activated laser beam that randomly projects a pattern on the floor and keeps animals chasing the light for hours. $29.99. www.bedbathandbeyond.com.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.22.07 AM


Petnet SmartFeeder

The smartest way to feed your pet, the Petnet lets you feed your pet from anywhere using your smartphone. This is a great way to make sure your dog gets their meal at the right time each day, even when you are not there. $149.00. www.amazon.com.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.22.44 AM