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Selecting A Baby’s Sex In Advance

Jameer Baptiste
Written by Jameer Baptiste



Q: How do you feel about pre-assigning a baby’s gender through modern day scientific medical advances?

With the advancement of modern medicine we are now able to pre-assign a baby’s gender and other humanly features like eye color. But some people take reservation with the new science. On February 24, pregnant model and wife of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, took to twitter to defend her decision to pre-assign her baby’s gender against the naysayers.



Nikki Star

“I’m the Mom and the Dad and I want what I want,” said the fabulous entertainer Nikki Star. “Are we interfering with gods work, f*&# that. He interfered with us. He has been the almighty powerful guiding the ship. Well now, we are steering the ship.”



Monica Anastasiadis

“What I would want to know first is whether it causes the fetus to be deformed in anyway or any mortality issue,” a concerned pet and house sitter Monica Anastasiadis inquired.  “If I learned it was totally safe and didn’t cause any pain or harm to the embryo, then why not.”



Hans Smith

“I am all for people assigning the gender of their baby before it’s born,” commented a social worker Hans Smith. “As long as you can afford it, why not? No restricts or guidelines, just as long as the individual themselves pay for it and not the government.”



David Clift

“I don’t agree with it. I believe everyone should have a naturally born baby in regards to changing their gender,” remarked David Clift who is idle at the moment. “Everything should be natural, eye color and all. It should be the kid’s decision later on when they can make the decision for themselves.”



James Wilkerson

“I just don’t agree with it at all. Why do people keep trying to change stuff,” pondered model and actor James Wilkerson. “We shouldn’t tamper with fate. If anything, we should leave the decision to the child. They should be the one to decide and make the decision.”