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Street Beat

Jameer Baptiste
Written by Jameer Baptiste

#StreetBeatAgenda Week 2/15

What do you like about Miami Beach Gay Pride (MBGP) and what would you like to see implemented in this years MBGP?

Miami Beach Gay Pride is gearing up for its 8 annual event and before the largest free weeklong LGBT street festival kicks off we would like to hear from you, the locals, on what you all would like to see new this year.



Marco Perez

“When they started MBGP seven years ago, it brought everybody together and we needed that kind of party,” said Entertainment Coordinator Marco Perez. “I want to see even more of us get together, not only the LGBT community but also kids and the straight community. Most importantly, I want to see people happy. That’s it.”



Alexis Lords

“Want I like about pride is the fact that the whole community gets together for one giant party and everyone smiles for one entire day. There are no fights, no real problems and we just have the best time,” smiled Alexis Lords, the founder of the House of Lords. “I would like to see more people joining us. A lot of the people from Broward/Fort Lauderdale, I don’t know why they don’t come down. We need to reach out to them more.”




“The fact that we are free, it’s a great opportunity to show yourself and find friends and come together. That is the best part of pride. Everyone is marching with the same feeling,” expressed the dynamic singer, actor and dancer Yukioh. “For 2016, I would like to see new people. New People, New Faces and New Concepts!”



Ivette Sierra

“My favorite part is that it’s free and it’s offered to everyone in the state of Florida and internationally. The diversity of the parade is overwhelming and it just keeps on growing,” remarked Ivette Sierra, a service coordinator. “I would like to see a wider variety of entertainment, clean entertainment that families can enjoy. And bring in a youth play for the children so we can make them a part of this great community.”



Humberto Calero

“Pride is very enjoyable and I feel really happy that we all get to experience many different things that pride has to offer. I really like it all,” said college student Humberto Calero. “What I would really like to see is a lot of new entertainers and dancers. Also something out there that can show the meaning of gay pride.”