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Attorney With Gay Son Drops Anti-Gay Rights Activist As Client

Written by Agenda Florida

JACKSONVILLE–An outspoken opponent of gay rights says he’s being discriminated against by his own attorney.

Ken Adkins has been at the forefront of Jacksonville’s fight over whether to expand human rights ordinance protections to cover the LGBT community. He is against allowing those protections.

Adkins’ attorney, Rick Block, recently sent the activist a letter saying that his beliefs mean that he can’t represent Adkins fairly in court.

In the letter, which Adkins shared with News4Jax, Block, who had been representing Adkins in a personal injury lawsuit, said that because of the way he raises his family, it wouldn’t be fair if he represented Adkins in court.

Block, who has a gay son, said he’s been open about his belief that not expanding gay rights protections is hurting the city. Block said his son had trouble as a teen coping with his sexuality but now is flourishing, living in a gay community out west.