Fighting Age and Disease with IV Nutrient Therapy

The causes of disease can be complex, but one thing is clear – our bodies require proper nutrition to fight disease and maintain our health. The energy we need to stay healthy comes from the nutrients we absorb through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Our bodies metabolize these nutrients to create energy and repair injuries. We absorb 100 percent of the necessary nutrients through the GI tract, making it the engine that fuels all the body’s functions.

The Effects of Age on the GI Tract

Proper nutrition depends on the integrity of the GI system and intestinal membranes. Unfortunately, the GI tract becomes dysfunctional as we age. This is partially due to our poor dietary habits, especially in the United States. Processed foods full of fillers prevent proper absorption of nutrients.

With increased age, our bodies also face increased toxicity, due to the absorption of toxins from items we consume and from the environment around us. Other factors that negatively impact the integrity of the GI tract include increased production of acid, more food allergies, and lower production of digestive enzymes in the pancreas.

Factors that Prevent Nutrition

Gluten sensitivity is big news these days. It is suspected that approximately 10 percent of the population in the United States suffers from gluten sensitivity. Even people who don’t have celiac disease – the condition where a person cannot tolerate gluten at all – can have reactions to gluten that prevent them from absorbing the nutrients their bodies need for healthy metabolic functioning.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one of four Americans suffers from some type of malabsorption issue. This statistic drives home the point that ordinary nutrition is not sufficient for a large number of Americans. Your body may not be getting the vital energy you need to stay disease free. Even if you take dietary supplements, a dysfunctional GI tract will prevent the full absorption of those nutrients.

How IV Nutrient Therapy Can Help

Combining ordinary nutrition with IV nutrients assures your body will receive 100 percent of the nutrients you need to maintain good health. IV nutrient therapy adds nutrients directly to the blood stream; it’s the most direct and effective method for delivering nutrition to the body. Based on a person’s needs, nutrients can be customized to provide maximum benefit. Nutrient therapy is also much faster than consuming nutrients orally, because the nutrients don’t need to move all the way down to your GI tract and be absorbed before your body can use them.

Nutrient therapy is used to treat many conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and irritable bowel syndrome. Not only is it used to treat existing diseases, but it may prevent new conditions by reducing free radicals that contribute to cell death, and helping maintain healthy metabolic functioning.

Nutrient therapy can also improve your everyday quality of life. People use nutrient treatments for hangovers, to improve their skin, reduce stress, and keep them feeling young and energetic. For major or minor medical problems and for a better quality of life, IV nutrient therapy provides a direct source of the energy your body needs to stay healthy.

Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera is the founder and president of Genesis Health Institute, which provides expert treatment in Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine. He also has 33 years of experience as a general internist. Contact Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera at 954-561-3175, or via the Internet at

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