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We Built a Better Mousetrap: Kegenix Rx for Weight Loss



Ketones are substances in the body that are produced by the breaking down of fats. The body breaks down fats to fuel cells when there aren’t enough carbohydrates available for energy. Extremely high levels of ketones in the body can be dangerous, but recent studies have shown that ketones may have a wide range of benefits at lower levels. Having a mild level of ketones in the body and burning fat for energy rather than carbohydrates are signs of being in a state of “ketosis.”

Kegenix was one of the first exogenous (from outside the body) sources of ketones developed. Since its inception, it has been used to keep people in ketosis for various benefits. Kegenix Rx is the next step from the traditional formula of Kegenix.

Benefits of Kegenix

Kegenix is taken to keep the body in the state of ketosis. Being in ketosis has many proven, and many more theorized, benefits for the body and mind. Burning fat rather than carbohydrates is a cleaner process and more than twice as efficient. This means a state of ketosis provides a boost to energy levels for all physical and mental activities.

The single biggest area that benefits from ketosis is weight loss. Being in a state of ketosis naturally means the body burns stored fat. Patients taking Kegenix to achieve ketosis can see great increases in their levels of fitness, and drops in their weight. The extra energy from burning fats rather than carbs also makes it easier for patients to exercise, furthering their fitness goals.

Ketones and the state of ketosis have also been shown to have beneficial effects in the treatment of cancer. A diet that is low in sugar and high in ketone-boosting foods can effectively “starve” cancer cells of sugar, slowing their metabolism. This is due to the cancer cells’ relative inability to adapt to using ketones as a source of energy, something healthy cells do easily. Further research has proven that a ketogenic diet may affect cancer-promoting pathways in other ways as well.

Some of the various other benefits of ketosis include:

  • Improvement of general mood.
  • Increased ability to focus.
  • Reduction of free radicals in the body (which has anti-aging effects).
  • Controlling blood sugar levels.
  • Improving sleep quality.
  • Decreasing inflammation.
  • And many more.


Improvements of Kegenix Rx over Kegenix


The greatest benefit and use for traditional Kegenix was as a weight loss aid. However, Kegenix was not formulated with this use in mind. Kegenix Rx was specifically designed to enhance the weight loss benefits of being in a state of ketosis, along with other changes to increase the overall efficiency of the supplement.

The improvements to Kegenix Rx in the area of weight loss include:

  • Putting the body into ketosis much faster, almost immediately.
  • Completely removing unnatural hunger pains. Removing hunger pains decreases the likelihood of the patient straying from their diet.
  • Giving the patient a feeling of satiation, which greatly reduces their cravings.

These improvements to Kegenix Rx not only help patients lose weight quickly, but also assist in preventing rebounding weight gain.

NASA and branches of the military have already begun studying the benefits of ketones for years. If the top minds and bodies of America are using this discovery as a means of improving themselves, why shouldn’t everyone? Kegenix Rx can help people achieve all of their goals, fitness and otherwise.

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