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Putin Refuses to see Elton John

Written by Richard Hack

MOSCOW–Elton John performed to a capacity crowd at a Moscow concert Hall last Monday, and during the performance thanked Russian president Vladimir Putin for inviting him to “discuss some serious issues in Russia, including LGBT and HIV and AIDS,”

Unfortunately, Putin ultimately refused to see the world-famous singer in a private audience. John said that he still held hope that “eventually” the two will meet.

Earlier in the year, John had been openly outspoken about his disapproval of a Russian law which forbids gay “propaganda” in the country. In addition, Putin has gone on the record stating that he feels that gay people prey on children.

It was widely reported last September that Putin had telephoned John and spoken to him at length about meeting with the gay rock star to discuss his concerns about the propaganda law. Only later was it revealed that it was a prankster, not the Russian president who placed the call.

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