Smart Home Technology: 12 Must Haves

The Prep Pad scale and app act as your personal “kitchen nutritionist”, keeping track of your food-related health goals. The information is then transferred to an iPad app so you know exactly how many carb, fat and protein calories are in your food.


HAPIfork, It’s a smart fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits.


The Cover Blubber, This crazy alien goo looking stuff can coat pretty much anything. Bowls, fruits, veggies, anything you want. It’s reusable, which makes it environment friendly, and works well.


The Sonic Decanter makes every wine taste better. It uses ultrasonic energy to transform the molecular and chemical structure of wine. And you can do all this while your wine is still corked!


The Tunnel Toaster saves your fingers from getting burnt every time you pull the toast out of it. The toaster allows you to toast bagels, croissants and of course, bread and prevents any crumbs from accumulating at the bottom. Available in green, orange, magenta and silver colors.


iPad Stand,  An iPad stand, eventually a wooden one, can prove to be very useful in the kitchen. If you use some protection on it you can safely handle it with wet or dirty hands and it will be just fine.


The Egg Minder, keeps track of how many eggs you have letting you know (using LED lights and the companion app) which ones are the oldest and which ones might be going bad.


Memory by Wenyao Cai,  This ingenious device can recognize handprints. Once it detects your handprint, it remembers how exactly you like your coffee. Then brews you the perfect cup.


Tower Food Warmer,  This brilliant idea, one of the most useful futuristic kitchen gadgets, keeps salads, pizza and any other food warm in this tower. It has separate containers, so the food won’t mix, and you can be sure that by the time you get home, the food will be warm and ready to eat.


Poul Henningsen Grand Piano, This futuristic grand piano has a transparent lid, which allows you to see through it, and also gives you a glance at the amazing work going on inside the instrument.


Samsung’s 4-Door refrigerator with 8” Wi-Fi Enabled LCD screen, This unit’s built-in color screen allows for web browsing and easy access to a multitude of apps that are ready to go with purchase, including a food manager app for refrigerator inventory that can sync with a connected device (like a Galaxy Tablet or iPad).


Miele 48-inch Dual Fuel Range M Touch The Miele 48-inch Dual Fuel Range M Touch’s horizontal computer screen is one of our favorites. Swipe and scroll through a horizontal panel on the uppermost part of the range to access cooking options.