Special Wedding Issue

Our Big Day: Giancarlo Perez and Bernardo Möller

Alexander Kacala
Written by Alexander Kacala

1. How did you two meet?

GP: I was vacationing in Puerto Vallarta with a good friend. We went to this restaurant/lounge and actually my friend liked him and wanted me to ask him for a cigarette to initiate conversation. At the time, I had just broken up with a boyfriend and meeting a new boy was the last thing on my mind. But as the night progressed and the alcohol ran, I ended up asking him for the cigarette. We talked for a bit and then he asked me and my friend to join him at a house he was renting in this beautiful small beach town called Sayulita. And so we went. We hung out for two days and then he came to visit me in Puerto Rico and never left. He moved in and we have been together for six years now.

BM: We met in Mexico, both on a trip with friends. I saw him first and I was immediately attracted to him, but he made the first approach. We talked all night and soon after that I found myself moving to Miami with him to start his Residency in Neurosurgery.

2. What is your favorite thing about your partner?

GP: His heart. He is the most loyal, affectionate, giving, selfless individual I know.

BM: His drive and work ethic. It always amazes me and inspires me to be more like him.

3. Who is more romantic in the relationship and how?

GP: He is.  I’m just naturally a colder, to the point person. Typical surgeon’s personality! Sucks. But he knows my heart and that is what’s most important.

BM: I think we both are. I’m just a little more creative and Giancarlo is more spontaneous.


4. Describe your big day to our readers.

GP: I’ll let Bernardo answer this one for both of us.

BM: We both got dressed in our apartment with Ray Roman and Mary Beth’s camera crew. When we were finished, a boat came to pick us up in front of our building on Biscayne Bay. Giancarlo, the Captain and I had to make some time to allow all the guests to arrive at Vizcaya so the captain took us to Seaspice to have a couple of drinks. After fifteen minutes, we headed over to Vizcaya. As we were arriving, we could see everybody at a distance waiting for us. They played one of our songs as we arrived closer. Soon after, we got off the boat and walked over to the stairs that lead to the beautiful gardens of Vizcaya where we had our ceremony. My best friend Irma was the officiant. We chose everything she wore. Everybody cried. It was almost impossible for me and Irma to even get our words out. Right after we said yes and kissed, the music started and we all headed to the garden where we had two very long tables underneath the trees. We had only small plates and lots of Rosé. The music was one of my favorite things. We chose five people to give speeches and let them know only five minutes before. We wanted everybody to be very genuine.

The level of detail we put in the wedding was incredible. We wrote a note on everybody’s place cards. The linen napkins were monogramed with our logo. We bought all the head shaped vases from Italy. It was very elaborate although it took us only a month and a half to plan. After the speeches, the dinner music became louder. We had a saxophonist playing and dancing on the tables. After that, everybody headed up to the garden mound, a beautiful spot engulfed by huge trees. This is where we had an open air dance floor. Everybody danced to DJ Bea Perina until it was time to head to an after party in the Design District. Only a few could make it but it was a lot of fun (from what I can remember.) We had wedding activities all the way to Sunday, since we had a lot of people from out of town.

5. Tell us your favorite memory from your wedding day. 

GP: Coming in to the wedding on the boat with Bernardo. We had a great time filming and taking pictures on the boat. Had a great conversation with the captain, had dolphins swimming next to the boat, and the feeling I got when arriving to the venue and seeing everyone with Bernardo by my side was everything and more.

BM: Our arrival by boat. It was both gratifying and touching seeing everything as we envisioned and all the people we love from a distance waiting for us.

6. What were you feeling at the exact moment you said, “I do”?

GP: Too many emotions. Excitement. I was elated. The whole moment was very surreal.

BM: This was I think everybody’s favorite moment, it was such a powerful and genuinely heartfelt moment. I felt like we were in a movie and I was in the most emotional and electrifying scene.

Photography: Mary Beth Tyson Photography