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5 Same Sex Proposals Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Alexander Kacala
Written by Alexander Kacala

People are now capturing everything on camera, including the important moment when one partner asks the other for their hand in marriage. We round up some favorite viral videos of same sex couples proposing.  Just make sure you get out the Kleenax because these are guaranteed to make you cry.

5. Just the Cutest

Billed as the cutest lesbian proposal ever, Hayley takes us through her proposal to girlfriend Jeni in this adorable scavenger hunt video that to date has almost 700,000 views.

4. The Insta Way

Boyfriends Ryan Donegan and Scott Snider met over three years ago while casually browsing through Instagram. So it was only fitting that when Donegan was ready to propose last year, he would go back to the social media app that brought them together.

Donegan told The Gaily Grind, “It only felt appropriate to use the platform for the proposal too. I knew I could never really shock him by popping the question, but I thought I could create small surprises throughout the day by flying in his best friends, sending him to his favorite places, and getting his family together. I also got a chuckle out of teasing him with my Instagram posts hinting that I’d see him soon.”

At the end of the day, the Instagram scavenger hunt lead Snider back to their house where Doneghan was waiting in a tuxedo among lots of lit candles and rose petals galore.

3. Proud to Love

Alberto and Matteo met many years ago at the birthday party of a friend but distance separated them from dating. Alberto ended up moving near Matteo and they quickly began dating. After five years of dating and living together, Alberto decided it was time to propose. He organized a fake business meeting, helped by Matteo’s parents and by some of their many friends.

Friends and family then surprised Matteo by acting out a hypothetical flight to Portugal where the wedding would be. Marriage is yet to be legal in Italy, and Portugal is the couple’s favorite destination. Dressed as a pilot, Alberto got down on one knee and asked, “We’ve spent together the happiest moments of my life. Therefore I got the idea if you’re up for it we could even get married!”

2. On a Bus

On July 30th, 2013, Alissa Haslam was pulled out of a meeting because of a “disturbance” on the street. When she got to her office window, her girlfriend Jeanne was standing on a bus across the street with 60 of their closest friends gathered around. Haslam serves on Board of the Washington Bus, a nonprofit organization instrumental in legalized gay marriage in Washington. In Haslam’s words, what came next was the most genuine, funny, heartfelt marriage proposal.

1.Homo Depot

Probably the greatest viral same sex proposal video comes straight out of the lumber aisle in Salt Lake City, Utah. The strangest of places to find a gay wedding proposal flash mob, the video featuring Spencer Stout’s heartwarming marriage proposal to his boyfriend Dustin has received almost 13.4 million views on YouTube to date. The video used Betty Who’s ‘Somebody Loves You,” and the track has since become a sensation as well, making the rounds on gay wedding playlists everywhere.

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