Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe: Tuna es Crazy

Maura Mumball Lane

Living Green Fresh Market

Photo Living Green

After last week’s St. Patricks’ colcannon with all the butter and potatoes, I had to get back on track so I ran to Living Green Fresh Market in Oakland Park.

Living Green Fresh Market has fresh produce, prepared foods to go, juice and coffee bar, deli, and wine and beer.

The philosophy at Living Green is about nourishing a healthy and spiritual mind, balance, making a better choice today than yesterday. If you’ve been looking for “good for you” foods to crave, this is the place to go. They were kind enough to share with us this yummy tuna sandwich recipe.

Tuna es Crazy

Tuna, Quinoa, Kale, Red Cabbage, Greek Yogurt, Red Onion, celery
Sliced almonds, sundried tomatoes, raisins, mint, Kohlrabi, Whole Wheat Wrap

Boil quinoa to desired texture.

Add finely cut sundried tomatoes, raisins, sliced almonds & some mint

Your choice of tuna, add strained Greek yogurt, a little sliced red onion and some finely cut celery.

Cut kale and add Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Quality of Olive oil is important)
Mix in fresh lemon juice and slivered Kohlrabi.


Chop red cabbage

Lay Wrap on table,
-Add Tuna, Quinoa, Kale, and the red cabbage on top.
-fold wrap on itself and if you have a Panini grill handy, press for 3 min.

Cut in half and enjoy!

Living Green Fresh Market

1305 East Commercial Blvd Oakland Park, FL