Secret Recipe

Caviar Pie

caviar pie
Written by Agenda Florida

If you are having a cocktail party and want to jazz it up a bit, this is one of the appetizers I like to serve. It seems way more complicated (and pricey) than it is, but it looks great, and tastes even better.


  1. Take 6 extra-large hard boiled eggs, chop them and mix with mayo to make a dryish, somewhat under-salted egg salad.  Spoon into a 9″ spring pan.
  1. Layer chopped shallots (to taste, but remember you don’t want the shallots to “overwhelm” the dish.)
  1. Take 2/3 cup of sour cream and mix well with an 8 ounce block of softened cream cheese. Spoon this mixture, dropping little gobs of it all over the pie, then gently spreading it, over the shallots.
  1. Chill for a minimum of twelve hours, then spread two jars of caviar (American sturgeon; salmon roe, for a red pie; paddlefish roe for a grayish pie or hackle fish roe for a glossy black pie) gently over the top, straining out as much as you can of the milky-textured liquid.
  2. Gently open and lift off the spring pan. For dramatic show-off effect, put a colorful flower in the center. Serve with small toasted black bread triangles.



By Elsie del Campo