Letter from the Publisher Opinion

Telling Secrets

Maura Mumball Lane

I am really good at keeping secrets. You can tell me to put it in the vault, there it goes. Never to be released until allowed, “Mum’s the word.”  Thankfully the secrets bestowed on me are not locations of buried treasure or criminal facts that would keep the guilty out of prison. That type of information might just might test my character.

Most of the secrets are only important to the people who have asked me to keep them. It might be information not yet released on a business offering; it might be a change in community personnel; it could be grant money; someone thinking of running for office; the location of a great hairstylist; it could even be an ingredient in a recipe.

In this age of sharing, secrets are losing their cache.  Now it’s all about posting and engaging. Post that soufflé recipe to Pinterest and put an end to the mystery! Tweet the 5 best ways to use Powerpoint and improve your presentations. Share the notes from your grant proposal on LinkedIN and let everyone learn from feedback. I think this is terrific.

As a community with less sources for information, we need to get our secrets out and share. It can be a tendency of minority groups to hold these tight but I know that a “rising tide lifts all boats.”  The more we grow as a demographic and show our strength, we more we become a force. We need to be opening doors to each other on business opportunities. We need to educate each other on effective communication. We need to know more about our non-profit organizations and how they are structured. The new hairstylist with a flair for taming curly hair needs to lauded and exposed! And if Neiman Marcus can let their cookie recipe out to the world, we can also share your secret culinary delights.

As you know Agenda is focused on your stories. We are grateful for the six local couples who shared their big day in the Wedding Issue. We are committed to digging deeper into the Top 100 Movers and Shakers; we’ll pull out their secrets to success.  In this issue, we start sharing secret recipes of local restaurants with you, our Agenda audience.

We are expanding our content staff with new voices and expertise. If you are blogging, you should be writing for Agenda! If you are on YouTube teaching people to bake, you should be posting to our Facebook page.  If you are tweeting on politics, we want to retweet you. Let Agenda be your platform for growth. If you are funny, smart, creative or investigative, please reach out and join our team.  Don’t keep your talents a secret. In this day of sharing who wants to keep that quiet?

To tell us your talent, email publisher Maura ‘Mumball’ Lane at [email protected]