Letters to the Editor

Raising the Rainbow Pride Flag

Written by Agenda Florida

Dear Publisher|Editor|Columnist:

In regard to the page 5 paragraph about Raising the Rainbow Pride Flag let me make a couple comments since I was the person who initiated the Permanent Raising and in concert with Commissioner Justin FLIPPEN who brought forward the measure to the City:

1. West Hollywood California’s City does NOT sanction the Rainbow Pride Flag display officially nor does it have a City dedicated monument or Park that has been approved unanimously;

2. The Drag Queen Jaclyn St. James had NOTHING to do with the introduction or the reason to Permanently Display the Rainbow Pride Flag in October 2015; she actually caused divisions between organizers and the community due to her self absorbed idea that it was her idea for self purposes;

3. Jaclyn St. James initiated a GO FUND ME ACCOUNT to gather donations for the City and its Flag pole etc., and presented a check to the City; was the total amount collected turned over and where is the accounting of who donated what. I didn’t hear anything except there was a donation from this individual and not a group of supporter/donations.

4. Covering LGBT news as a filler for advertising in newsprint should be accurate and responsible in 2016;

Finally in defense of the Florida Agenda, they were the ONLY local LGBT publication to even print and display a picture in this regard. It is embarrassing to see the other local publications claim they are the biggest supporters of the LGBT Local and National issues and show their true colors when a Inclusive forward action to promote and bring non discrimination to an end doesn’t even bother to use a few inches of space in a book or a so called newspaper. Shame on you and we all know who they are.

I welcome any rebuttal positive or negative. ?#?Embarrased? ?#?Disapointed? — in Wilton Manors, Florida.

Editor’s Note:
Since 2014, The City of West Hollywood has allotted an item within its annual budget for “The maintenance and display of multiple LGBT Pride Flags set or positioned on the medial strip on Santa Monica Boulevard within the City’s borders. While no official proclamation has been issued, the budget is reviewed and approved by the full city council.

Photo Credit: google.com