Letters to the Editor

Jaclyn St. James Shouts Back on Pride Flag

Written by Agenda Florida

It is very sad that Tim Evans is so jealous of the hard work that I did that he has to make such as sad mention and he should be embarrassed to call himself one of our own. I am also ashamed at the Florida Agenda for printing such untrue trash. If Tim Evans wants names- I turned them in to city hall with the names of all donors. This idiot is insane and a freakin moron. Thats all i have to say on this subject for my Community knows the hard work and dedication to a great cause that i have done with my communities help. Also i have emails from both Justin and Gary dating back two years prior to October! Unlike Tim I have never asked for recognition of my work, just wanted the pride flag up in my city!! We as a community need to focus on working together not against each other. And to Tim Evans if you think this hurts me, it doesn’t It just shows just what an ASS you truly are!! So congratulations on winning that award!!