Letters to the Editor

Commenting On Gay Cuba

Written by Richard Hack

Dear Editor:

Hello. First, a compliment: I enjoy reading the Agenda, and appreciate that you cover a wide range of topics, frequently with well-written and interesting articles.

I was excited to see the cover of your most recent issue, proclaiming an exclusive article on the first gay cruise to Cuba. Since I am interested in going there soon, I was curious to read the article.

The article started off well enough, but after the first couple of paragraphs, it quickly devolved into some generalities that shed no light on what the rest of the trip entailed–with this exception: we learned the price of all items on the sex menu at Cabaret Las Vegas, and that haggling is expected. Really? The most explicit description of anything from the entire trip is a listing of prices for sex at one of the clubs? That’s the best you could come up with in this “exclusive” on Cuba? Very disappointing.

Rest of the issue was great, as usual–but this article, not so much.

Glen Sterling Fort Lauderdale

Editor’s note: Thank you for your interest in our exclusive article on gay travel to Cuba. Our coverage of the trip and the country, rules, regulations, and issues is a three-part piece. The cover story you referenced actually had complete information about accessing the internet sites which would provide you an opportunity to explore future cruises heading to the region. This week’s As I See It column continues the dialogue for those curious about heading to Cuba as an individual. The following week, we’ll be featuring a review of the actual CubaCruise vessel, the M/S Celestyal Crystal. Hope this helps. R