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WiRLD Digital City Guide Launched

Written by Agenda Florida

FORT LAUDERDALE–Multimedia Platforms, Inc., the only publicly traded LGBT media company, announced today that it has launched WiRLD Digital City Guide, with over 22,000 businesses included throughout North America. The WiRLD Digital City Guide also allows LGBTQ-friendly businesses to self register online for free, with the option of enhancing their listing with a Premier Page. Visitors and WiRLD members can now go to the site and view business listings that are responsive to their location. Businesses that are LGBTQ-friendly can also start to self-register their establishment(s) at effective March 7, 2016.

WiRLD features a global newsstand, LGBTQ-friendly business directory, a community network, a first-of-its-kind rewards program, and an online digital streaming network—to be launched during the second quarter of 2016—that will feature a variety of drama series, documentaries, comedy shows and live simulcast events. is currently in beta mode, attracting LGBTQ members worldwide to read stories, watch videos and share stories with other WiRLD members. In doing so, members earn reward tokens redeemable for a variety of gifts, goods, services, experiences and travel.

Bobby Blair, Chief Executive Officer of Multimedia Platforms, comments, “Our mission is to be the world’s largest LGBTQ media brand, bringing together the best in membership experience, to create and distribute the highest quality news, travel, lifestyle, entertainment and video content. A media hub with the scale of WiRLD provides unprecedented and unique opportunities for our members and advertisers. Today’s launch of WiRLD Digital City Guide is another major milestone that we have promised to the investment community to create the best LGBTQ online destination with our audience. WiRLD Digital City Guide now allows all our business advertising partners to have a direct relationship with our visitors and members, with the common theme of having a unified community of inclusion, whether in the workplace or aligning with consumers.”

We are all part of this WiRLD, and we love sharing our recommendations and interests with one another. Over the past 25 years, MMPW has been a leader in North America with the FunMaps brand, now being re-branded as WiRLD City Guide, a trusted source in the LGBTQ community for where to go in various cities, and making it easy to find what you’re looking for when traveling locally or across the United States and Canada. WiRLD City Guide is the evolution of FunMaps and our online site We want to become the LGBTQ go-to comprehensive resource. We also know that everyone wants to enhance their spending value, so our WiRLD Rewards program is integrated to easily help members find those places that are providing exclusive offers. Members can earn daily reward tokens by reading articles and watching videos.

The WiRLD City Guide is a business directory source with over 22,000 LGBTQ-friendly businesses, accessible to visitors and members on-the-go. WiRLD City Guide is the trusted LGBT navigator for restaurants, specialty shops, bars, clubs and professional services like lawyers, CPAs, realtors, dentists and doctors. Most of all it hosts an extensive travel directory of hotels, bed & breakfast spots and resorts.