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Wilton Manors Bans Travel To North Carolina and Mississippi

Written by Richard Hack

WILTON MANORS–Wilton Manors became the first city in Broward County to ban government travel to North Carolina, Mississippi, and any other states that have passed anti-LGBT discriminatory laws. The policy resolution, sponsored by Mayor Gary Resnick and Commissioner Justin Flippen, was unanimously approved at the commission meeting last week. The resolution prohibits city-funded travel to states and jurisdictions that adopt laws that allow discrimination against LGBT individuals by mandating that persons use public restrooms based upon their biological sex.

“As a commissioner and responsible policy maker, I can’t subject staff to travel to regions that legislate and permit such discrimination or that may jeopardize our staff’s ability to be served a meal, obtain lodging, or create obstacles for a staff member to use a bathroom or obtain medical care,” said Wilton Manors Commissioner Justin Flippen. “Masking prejudice and homophobia under the guise of religion is socially regressive and harmful, and economically damaging to the real people – our fellow neighbors and citizens – targeted by such laws.  Wilton Manors won’t spend government money to travel to places that discriminate against LGBT individuals.”

Among other cities banning travel to North Carolina (and Mississippi that has its own discrimination laws in place) are Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and New York.