What Hillary Clinton Will Do For You

Written by Richard

By Hillary Hillary Clinton: A Champion for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community

The Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality represented our country at its best: inclusive, open and striving towards equality. It was the affirmation that LGBT Americans deserve to live their lives free from discrimination. Although America has taken tremendous strides towards equality, our fight is far from over. Too many LBGT Americans are still denied full protection under our laws. Hillary Clinton knows that the fight for LGBT rights won’t be over until every American can not only marry, but live, work, pray, learn and raise a family free from discrimination and prejudice.

As President, Hillary will: • Support the Equality Act. Currently, no federal law explicitly protects LGBT Americans from all forms of discrimination. 21 percent of LGBT adults report facing workplace discrimination and the LGBT community overall is more likely to earn a lower family income on the basis of sexual orientation. This is why Hillary will fight to pass the Equality Act, a law that would guarantee full federal protection for the LGBT community, protecting them from discrimination in education, credit, employment, housing, federal assistance, jury service and public accommodations.

• Defend and expand the Affordable Care Act. The LGBT community faces unique health disparities, including a higher prevalence of HIV, mental health issues, obesity and substance abuse. Many of these have been linked to the historical structural discrimination against LGBT Americans, which for decades has created barriers in the health care system for the community. Under the ACA, millions of LGBT individuals can now enjoy comprehensive coverage without being discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or pre-existing conditions such as HIV. Hillary will fight against Republican efforts to repeal the law and will build on the ACA to ensure lower out-of-pocket medical costs for LGBT individuals.

• Create a safer environment for LGBT Americans. A recent Association of American Universities study found that three out of four LGBT college students report experiencing sexual harrassment while in college. This has to end. Hillary has laid out her vision to bring an end to sexual assault on America’s campuses—because every student deserves a safe environment where they can learn and thrive, not live in fear. She will also continue her lifelong record of fighting against LGBT hate crimes and all forms of violence to put an end to this injustice.

Defend marriage equality. The Supreme Court’s decision reflects the will of the vast and growing multitude of Americans who believe that LGBT couples deserve to be recognized under the law and treated equally. Hillary will fight against Republican attempts to roll back the ruling and ensure that same-sex marriage remains a constitutional right. Hillary has a lifelong record of fighting for equality for all:

As Senator of New York, Hillary worked to defeat the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA), which would define marriage in the U.S. as the union between one man and one woman. She also championed hate crimes legislation, fought for federal nondiscrimination legislation to protect LGBT Americans in the workplace, and advocated lifting restrictions blocking LGBT couples from adopting kids. Additionally, Hillary cosponsored the Early Treatment for HIV Act that would expand expands access to vital treatment options for low-income individuals living with HIV.

As Secretary of State, Hillary declared on the global stage, “Gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights,” reinforcing the U.S.’ commitment to advancing LGBT rights abroad. She also led efforts to pass the first- ever UN Resolution on LGBT Human Rights and launched the Global Equality Fund to assist civil society organizations that promote LGBT rights. And in an effort to enforce stronger anti-discrimination regulations within the State Department, Hillary ended State Department regulations denying same-sex couples and families equal rights and directed the Department to implement LGBTfriendly workplace policies. Moreover, Hillary updated the Department’s policy for transgender persons’ passports to reflect an individual’s new gender