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Uruguayan Lawmakers Pass Same-Sex Marriage Bill

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – On December 11, the lower house of Uruguay’s General Assembly approved a bill to establish a single governing Marriage Equality Law for both traditional and same-sex marriage.

The measure approved by the Chamber of Deputies, with the support of conservative politicians, will now go to the country’s Senate, where the ruling Broad Front coalition has enough vote for passage of the law, with President Jose Mujica expected to sign it in January.

Among the legislation’s other nuances, it will allow both gay and straight married couples to determine which of their surnames will take precedence in the naming of their children. In most Latin American countries, the laws mandate that children be given two last names, with the father’s listed first.

The new legislation will also replace the country’s 100 year old divorce, passed in 1912, which established the sole right of women to renounce their marriage vows without having to provide cause.