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UnConventional: Horror show hits Cleveland

Written by Richard Hack

Plagerism, Bigotry & Anger

The national spectacle known as the Republican National Convention continued to spiral out of control in Cleveland, propelled by its own hatred of a disintegrating America it helped to create.

In the entire 162-year history of the party, there has never been such division and hostility, not only toward other Americans, but toward other Republicans as well.

That vitriolic spewing of anger has its foundation in presidential nominee Donald Trump, of course, who has been so successful in his fear mongering that he’s peeled an ugly scab off of a wound that has been festering long before anyone even realized it was there.

Trump’s selection of vice-presidential running mate Mike Pence has managed to sooth and irritate in a single slap, depending on whose cheek is being offered up. Pence has managed to make his stance on the LGBT community the Fort Knox of bigotry and hate, so certain is he of his divine right to judge.

Pence loves the concept of conversion therapy, knowing in his heart of hearts that no one is really “born” gay. Rather, it is a selection made by those who cherish the thought of a life of ridicule and condemnation to hell. Who among us can resist that kind of temptation?

It was also Mike Pence who worked to stop HR2410 in 2009, a bill that would have encouraged foreign governments to decriminalize homosexuality. And let’s not forget his “religious freedom” bill in Indiana which he governs that allowed gays to be discriminated against by any businesses with personal faith issues where LGBTs were concerned. He doesn’t want gays in the military, and don’t even think of suggesting there is an upside to same-sex marriage.

According to Pence, “societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family.”
The Log Cabin Republicans, those misunderstood LGBTs who were first sucker-punched by the most anti-gay platform in the party’s history, have now to contend with a vp candidate that is the most anti-gay evangelical Republican with a decades long political career laced with bigotry.


Officially, the Log Cabin Republicans have yet to decide whether to endorse Trump, a decision the group typically makes in the fall.

“I’m not losing any sleep at night over Pence,” Log Cabin President Gregory T. Angelo said. “My concerns are with Trump,” he told NBC  “And there are definitely concerns there.” Dah. You think.

It didn’t help strengthen Trump’s position as the man in charge of the fiasco of a convention unfolding in front of delegates in the hall, and potential voters watching from home when Trump himself made an entrance on stage. It occurred during the first day of the convention to the chords of “We Are the Champions” written by the late gay rock icon Freddy Mercury of Queen, who must be rolling in his grave. Walking onto a stage full of fog in a backlit entrance channeling Beyonce more than the potential leader of the free world, Trump introduced his wife, Melania, a Slovenian-born jewelry designer and former model.


Unfortunately for Melania, she appeared overdressed in a $2,190 dramatically sleeved gown from U.K.-based designer Roksanda Ilincic—another Serbian native. Originally marketed as a wedding dress “for the modern bride,” the virginal look of the cocktail dress made her look more appropriate for a Soul Train Awards show than a political convention.


When Melania opened her mouth to speak about family and integrity, what emerged was a speech plagiarized from one given eight years ago by Michelle Obama introducing herself to the Democratic National Convention. Trump’s aides chalked the controversy up to media bias and blamed Hillary Clinton’s campaign — even though the apparent plagiarism was discovered by an independent journalist and had gone viral long before anyone on the Clinton campaign had woken up to the fact that Melania’s heavily accented English had been originally heard out of the mouth of the now-First Lady.



Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said Tuesday that whoever is responsible for writing the should be fired.

“Whoever was the staff person who wrote this speech should be held accountable and should be fired,” Lewandowski told CNN’s John Berman and Kate Bolduan. But no one was.


After Melania’s speech, scheduled a little too early in the primetime rundown of the convention, the four commercial networks cut away from the action on the floor, which was quickly emptying of delegates. More slip-ups in a convention full of slip-ups, leaving us to wonder how Donald Trump can possibly expect to run America when he hasn’t even grasp the theme of convention control.


His answer has been, and will continue to be, one of anger. Anger at an America he feels is no longer great. Anger at Hillary Clinton who he sees as responsible for all things evil. Anger at immigrants, at Muslims, at blacks, at wormen who want abortions, and at journalist who dare to question his behavior.


Unfortunately, that anger does far more than just polarize this country. It spreads like a primeval ooze across the world, giving strength to ISIS in Europe, revolutionaries in Turkey, isolationists in England, and missile launches in North Korea.


Is it any wonder that the meltdown in Cleveland continues unabated. Or that Donald Trump does not care. He isn’t paying attention to what’s actually happening on the convention floor. The only thing that matters to Donald Trump is what’s always mattered to Donald Trump—how he looks; how he sounds; and how well he stirs the pot. In the meantime, the Republican Party is literally eating its young on national TV, destroying itself from the inside out. Disposing of the carcass? That will be Hillary’s problem.