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Uma Thurman To Play Anita Bryant

Cannes, FR – Uma Thurman is slated to play Anita Bryant, in the upcomig biopic, titled “Anita.” The film, which will be produced by “Sex and the City” creator, Darren Star, will follow the singer and orange juice spokeswoman who, after allowing a gay screenwriter into her home, is forced to confront her past and her politics. Bryant successfully overturned a gay rights law in Florida back in 1977, which resulted in the death of her career. Bryant was also the first person to be publicly “pied” (on television no less) in Des Moines in 1977. Bryant said, “At least it’s a fruit pie,” before praying and bursting into tears on camera. When screenwriter Chad Hodge connected with Bryant back in 2011 to pen the script, he said she told him he was the first gay person she had met in 31 years.