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Trantalis Wants Ban on Assault Weapons

Written by Agenda Florida

FORT LAUDERDALE—The city’s vice mayo, Dean Trantalis, has gone on record to eliminate the sale of semi-automatic weapons from local gun shows, according to an interview he gave CBS4’s general assignment report Carey Codd.

“We feel that weapons such as this, assault weaponry, is inappropriate and it’s my goal to eliminate that from our gun shows,” Trantalis said adding that the city needs to do this to keep its residents safe.

“If we don’t take these steps, we are not protecting the people of our community.”

Trantalis was reacting to the recent massacre of 49 people at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando by a gunman using an assault weapon among his arsenal.

A gun show is ongoing at the War Memorial Auditorium this weekend. According to CBS. on Friday, ads featuring assault weapons  were visable.

Trantalis says he wants to add a provision to the gun show’s next lease agreement with the city to ban assault weapons.

Yet, according to a vender, Scott Mongeon, fully automatic weapons are not for sale at the show. “They sell semi-automatic weapons,” he said.

Mongeon wants to make certain that people understand that a weapon like this AR-15 cannot spray bullets and that he and others use it like a rifle for hunting and target shooting.

“Every time you squeeze the trigger, a bullet comes out,” he explained to Codd, as if that made their sale acceptable.

Mongeon believes the last thing politicians should do in the wake of Orlando is restrict people’s right to buy firearms.

He says a change to the lease agreement would impact their business.

“It’s gonna hurt a lot of vendors. It’s gonna hurt a lot of the families that depend on that,” he said.

But Trantalis sees this as an issue of safety.

“We’re not trying to take guns from people. We’re just trying to take a weapon of mass destruction out of the economy,” he said.

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