Sunshine State

Key West Gay Events 3-8-12

Gay Spring Break in Key West attracts
LGBT students and their friends from
late February to early April to the
beaches and the clubs of the beautiful
tropical island. Take a break for spring
break in a place that embraces individuality,
diversity, and openness all
year long.

Want to participate in Gay Spring
Break? Contact the offices and pick up
your Gay Spring Break ID Card. Just
call 305-294-4603 or email them at
[email protected] for more

Key West has a lot to be proud of: the
southernmost U.S. city recently tied
with San Francisco for the title of Best
City for Unity Between Gays and
Lesbians, and they won hands down in
Best City for Unity Between Gays and
Straights. Both their city and county
official mottos are “One Human
Family. Their LGBT leaders serve
openly, and visitors are welcomed
throughout the island.
Key West shows their pride every day,
and this is your chance to be a part of
the celebration. Come out for Key West
Pride, June 6 to 10, and enjoy dance
parties, drag shows, bike tours, water
excursions, a street fair, and even a
parade through town. Their Miss
Pride, Mr. Pride and Ms. Pride competitions
are infamous for their fun and
their skin.
Make your plans now to attend Key
West Pride. Most events are All
Welcome. All events are uniquely Key

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