Style Briefs: Florida Family Association Launches Email Campaign against Online Game Designer

Call to Action is urged to

Protest Gay Relationships in

Popular Role-playing Game


TAMPA – Software developer Electronic Arts (EA) is at the center of an email and letter-writing campaign directed by the Tampa-based Florida Family Association (FFA), prompted by the condemnation of religious organizations for depictions of same-sex romantic relationships in the designer’s hit online role-playing games, including Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

According to a report from Games Industry International, several thousands of letters have been received by EA executives protesting homosexual relationships in the games’ software. As previously reported in the Agenda, (Feb. 2, 2012 STYLE: “Religious Conservatives Declare War on Galactic Foe: Star Wars’ ‘Old Republic’”) religious conservatives have previously mobilized to complain about same-sex romances in the publisher’s games, and that of its developer, BioWare. The complaints were based upon promises from the developer to add the option for same-sex romance at the player’s prompting. At present, such options are not available.

The latest round of letters claim that EA execs have bowed to pressure from LGBT groups, and that the inclusion of same-sex relationships is a thinly-disguised effort to “recruit” children to a homosexual lifestyle. Some of the letters include hand-written admonishments for company officials to “remember Sodom.” EA officials call the campaign “political harassment.”