RACK OF LAMB “EN CHEMISE This Week’s Delicious Recipe


Growing up in Ireland, my mother would inevitably overcook the lamb chops- -burn ‘em right to a cinder! It was while living in France that I learned to eat lamb rare, enjoy it, and finally get to really taste it. Lamb tastes so good on its own, so the seasoning should compliment, not dominate it.

A rack of lamb or “carré d’agneau” is a part of lamb which is cut perpendicularly to the spine, and has 16 ribs or chops. When it’s been “frenched,” the bones have been cleaned of their fat and they look like lolly pops when sliced off the “rack.” “En chemise” (French for “shirt on”) is a term used to describe ingredients which are wrapped in something, or which are cooked in their natural covering.

For example: spuds with the skin on, or in this case garlic with its skin on. Garlic roasted “en chemise” is so delicious, even people who don’t like garlic love it. The only difficulty in this recipe is not to overcook the meat.
• A whole head of garlic
• Fresh rosemary and sprigs of thyme
• Salt & pepper
• Olive oil
• An 8 bone rack of lamb, trimmed
and frenched and cut in half.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Separate the cloves of garlic, without peeling them.

Brush extra virgin olive oil all over the lamb and put it in an ovenproof dish,

with the bones crossed like you would clasp your two hands together with your fingers.

Season the meat well with salt and pepper. Place the garlic cloves and the rosemary under

the “bridge” you have formed. Bake for about 20 or 25 minutes or until desired doneness.

When you remove from the oven, let it rest for about 5 minutes before carving. Serve it with

the garlic cloves in their skins, and sprinkled with fresh thyme. Serve with the side you love best…

You are the chef!


Although born in Dublin, Ireland, chef Jean
Doherty spent most of her life in Lyon,
France, the gastronomical capital of the
world. Together with Vero, her partner of
25 years, Jean has owned and run multiple
restaurants including Fort Lauderdale’s Le Patio.