Police Arrest Wilton Manors Man for Luring Teen into Car

WILTON MANORS — A Wilton Manors man is charged with lewd and lascivious battery and lewd and lascivious conduct after luring a middle school-aged boy into his car while the teenager walked home from school. Investigators say that Tyrone Holmes, 31, offered the boy money and engaged in sexual acts with him in a Fort Lauderdale-area parking lot.

On January 31, Holmes had his initial court appearance before Broward County Judge John Hurley. In court, Judge Hurley read the police report, and noted that the alleged victim is 15-years-old. The report indicated that the acts occurred on January 23 when Holmes, a cosmetologist, drove up to the teen in the 2000 block of Northwest 9th Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, and offered him a ride.

The teen, wearing a middle school uniform shirt, entered the vehicle after Holmes reportedly gave him $500 and told him that he would be safe.

Investigators say that when the teen entered Holmes’ vehicle, the man started discussing sexual acts, and convinced the alleged victim to perform a sexual act with him, pulling into a parking lot to do so.

After Holmes allegedly tried coercing the teen to do more, he reportedly gave the money back to Holmes and fled from the vehicle. As read in open court by Judge Hurley, the report indicates that Holmes said that “he gives a lot of boys rides home.”

The teen reportedly told his mother about the alleged sex after he ran away from Holmes, and she reported the matter to police, who found surveillance video from the parking lot where the alleged sex act occurred.

“It does seem like he’s preying on children,” said Judge Hurley. “He’s willing to get them in the car, take them to what appears to be remote locations.”

The judge ordered that Holmes be held on $100,000 bail.