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New York Grilled Cheese Defends Transgender Employee

Written by Richard Hack

WILTON MANORS–On Tuesday July 26th, a patron of New York Grilled Cheese Co., Mary Bolda, took to the company’s Facebook Wall to let other potential customers know about the terrible service she had received from a certain “waiter” at the restaurant. As it turns out, that waiter was actually a waitress named Mia.

Patrons at the restaurant at the time explained that the customer continually referred to Mia as “he” and “him,” shouting loudly and causing other customers to become so uncomfortable that they left to avoid the commotion.

In response to Bolda’s review, another reviewer chimed in that while New York Grilled Cheese “was delicious,” she wouldn’t be going back because “they only have transgender restrooms.”

In light of the recent remarks, owner Leor Barak took to social media himself to set the record straight sending a clear message that “the company culture at New York Grilled Cheese Co. is and always will be one of acceptance, equality, and support of our transgendered community and any other walk of life.”

New York Grilled Cheese was one of the first restaurants in the state to implement a gender neutral bathroom both at their original location in Wilton Manors, and at their newest location in Boca Raton.

In his response Barak explains, “We are sorry to hear that you won’t be back simply because of that reason. We hope that one day you’ll change your mind about singling out transgendered folks…New York Grilled Cheese Co. is proud to support gender equality and we urge everyone to do the same.”

He goes on to say, “We would never choose the revenue of an intolerant patron over the dignity of our employees.” New York Grilled Cheese will be sharing a LOVE MIA graphic and changing all their profile photos on social media to show their support of not only Mia, but also the entire transgender community.

For those of us at the Florida Agenda, Mia is no stranger. Performing and winning the first place title at the last two Dancing with the South Florida Stars fundraising events, Mia Patryck is a talented dancer and pageant participant. She is said to be highly favored to win the Miss Florida F.I. Pageant this coming Monday, August 8, at the Deauville Beach Resort in Miami Beach.