Migraine No More

By Andy Kress

Migraines are a paroxysmal affliction that have plagued the world with painful headaches since recorded medical history.

People who suffer from this disease are stricken with pain on one side of the head, along with radiant eye pain and loss of appetite, making the most menial tasks seem like big jobs. Migraine sufferers will show this defined pattern of events daily, weekly, monthly or periodically throughout the year. Living through the torment of this raging pain leaves many of its victims in a wake of depression and malnutrition. Yet, being under the harsh grip of this painful tension headache does not have to be so for intelligent, methodical, and perfection-minded people who suffer from it.

Ironically, migraine sufferers often unknowingly bring this problem on themselves through their busy daily lifestyles. Most cases are caused by low blood sugar, infection, allergies, over-intake of certain drugs and chemicals, over working, low energy from loss of appetite, improper sleep and over-consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and sex. Other outside stimulations like excessive light, eye strain, fear, fright or anger, and resentment after hard work can bring on migraine symptoms. Knowing that most of the conditions that create a migraine are caused by our own actions, it becomes easier to find a cure through behavior modification. Nutrition also plays a part.

Having a balanced diet along with a balanced lifestyle is a sure-fire way to eliminate the unbearable symptoms that migraines can cause.

However, due to the fact that migraines cause a lack of appetite and lower energy levels, this will be no easy task. With any kind of successful treatment plan you need to fix or repair the organism as a whole. Doing this will require you to make a change to get a change. Changing the internal environment of the body to relieve migraine suffering will require an internal cleansing of the body to restore its overall vitality. This part is easy, requiring only a little time and effort. Changing your stressful environment is a different story.

People suffering from migraine tension first need to detox the body with a special cleansing ritual. The cleansing should start with two to three day fasting, consuming only orange juice and water taken every two hours for a 12-hour time period each day.

Alternative juices that are acceptable during this cleaning are celery, carrot and cucumber. After the juice fasting, an all fruit diet should be incorporated for the next five days. Taking in three meals a day of fresh juicy apples, pineapples, melons, grapes, grapefruits, oranges, peaches and pears is the ideal diet. No other foods should be taken at this time or it will compromise the overall effect of the detoxification. After finishing the terms of the five-day all-fruit fasting, a well balanced diet should be instated. This diet should consist of nuts, seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables. In time, the diet should be supplemented with milk and dairy products, vegetable oils and honey. Short periods of the all-fruit diet may be needed for a month or two down the road to eradicate any future migraine from reoccurring.

A well-balanced dietary plan is imperative for keeping any future migraine episodes at bay. The new diet must become a lifestyle choice, and perpetuated. Never, ever go back to eating refined cereals, sugars and sweets, for fatty and refined foods will only offset the body and send it right back into the state from which it came. Please choose wisely. You are what you eat!

Andy Kress is a certified fitness trainer, yoga instructor and nutritional counselor in Fort Lauderdale, FL. For more nutritional tips or inspired
exercise routines, reach him at 954-789-3930 or via email at [email protected]