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LGBTs Slammed in New “Truth for Youth” Cartoon Bible

Written by Richard Hack

The American Family Association, the non-profit organization intent on maintaining “traditional family values,” and best known for organizing boycotts against companies who it believes promotes homosexuality, has joined with Revival Fires International to print and distribute 65,000 of the Truth for Youth® Bible promoting gay cure therapy.

According to Revival Fires website, the publisher is asking for teenagers’ help to bring the Gospel to “America’s youth and counter the ill-effect of the liberal agenda being promoted aggressively in America’s public school by helping to provide Truth for Youth® Bibles for every teenager in the Unites States.

Included with each New Testament bible is a specially edited six-page comic book inspired by Revival Fires’ Pastor Tim Todd detailing God’s final word on the subject of homosexuality. Since the New Testament makes no mention of homosexuality at all, Todd eliminates that challenge to teach his propaganda by creating anime characters involved in a cultural battle between LGBT activists and Christian protestors.

In the Todd version of reality, the gays are militants attacking the Christians with tear gas and rocks. When a gay teenager named Sebastian questions why he should be considered any different in the eyes of God, he is told that “Whether you are homosexual, or have just been suckered into a few homosexual acts by some predators—either way Jesus can save and change you!”

The cartoon goes on to quote 1st Corinthians 6: 9-11 in which we’re told “Homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God.” (No mention that the King James version speaks to “adulterers, effeminates, and abusers of themselves with mankind.”)

“This EMT guy and people in the Bible were homosexual…and changed?” Sebastian asks. “So I can change too?”

“With God’s help,” comes the answer from a woman.

Forget that conversion therapy has been disavowed by every single major medication association in the United States as well as the World Health Organization. According to the aforementioned “EMT guy,” there is no such thing as simply being born gay, or “born this way,” as he says, calling it part of the “PR arsensal” of liberals.

“We’re a fallen race, and so there is a condition in which we were ‘born that way’… it’s as sinners! We all have a ‘natural predisposition towards sin. We just ‘choose our poisons’… whether it’s hatred or homosexuality.

“Turn your back on sin, Sebastian, and seek the narrow way that leads to life!” If only it were so simple.

The comic then encourages teens to attend “confidential counselling” from a ‘gay cure’ group, Pure Life Ministries.

On another page, the comic tells children to shun the “political correctness code word” of gay in favor of “homosexuals.”.

Revival Fires also distributes comics cautioning against the sins of pornography, secular rock music, evolution and sexual impurity.

To LGBT activists, packaging the anti-gay propaganda with the Bible gives it a legitimacy that is undeserved. Additionally, they object to the distribution of the books which are given free to teenagers if they promise to give it to “their unsaved friends in school.”

Over one million copies of the book have already been distributed with American Family Association paying for 65,000 more.

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