LGBT Alliance Endorsements

Florida Polictical
Written by Agenda Florida


United States Senator                                 Patrick Murphy
23rd Congressional District                       Debbie Wasserman Schultz
24th Congressional District                       Frederica S. Wilson
State Attorney                                               Mike Satz
State Senator District 34                            James “Jim” Waldman
State Representative District 93               Ken Keechl
Clerk of the Circuit Court                           Mitchell “Mitch” Ceasar
Property Appraiser                                      Marty Kiar
Sheriff                                                             Scott Israel
Supervisor of Elections                               David Brown
County Commission District 1                   Nan H. Rich
County Commission District 3                  Michael I Udine
County Commission District 5                   Steven A. Geller
County Commission District 9                   Christopher “Chris” Smith
School Board at Large Seat 9                      Robin Bartleman
Circuit Judge Group 9                                  Lea P. Krauss
Circuit Judge Group 15                                Matthew I. Destry
Circuit Judge Group 23                                Barbara McCarthy
Circuit Judge Group 24                                Michael Lynch
County Court Judge Group 2                       Kal Evans
County Court Judge Group 7                       Nina Weatherly Di Pietro
County Court Judge Group 8                       Stephen J. Zaccor
County Court Judge Group 13                     Betsy Bensen
County Court Judge Group 14                     Kim Theresa Mollica
County Court Judge Group 21                     Russell A. Thompson
PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN D-2           Ronald Mills  DEM
PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN R-018       Michael A. Albetta  DEM
PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN R-018       George Castrataro  DEM