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Letter From The Publisher

maura lane
Maura Mumball Lane

When does it feel like 2016? At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve? When we sign a check with the wrong date? When we book an Outlook appointment? When we gather our files for taxes?

2016 feels like I am on the start of an amazing journey. I was never one to overthink packing. I have been surprised by weather and had to buy sweatshirts in St. Augustine, I have left my wife Ilene’s bags in front of the house on a trip to the Keys, and many times had to visit the hotel front desk for a toothbrush. I do however painstakingly spend hours mapping out my destination with the goal of experiencing all it has to offer. I am curious about witnessing the daily habits of other cultures. I skip the gym and pound the pavement. I devour local attraction maps and will search hill and dale for a unique sweet. My travel behavior is good glimpse into how I will serve as your Agenda Publisher.

The Agenda is the LGBTQ newspaper of record. We must be the leader in election coverage. Our mandate is to dive deeper into your stories. We have to showcase the talent in our communities. We have to provide an outlet to multiple voices. We must be here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While you know us as your weekly publication, by the end of the year, my belief is that you will come to rely on us daily for information, business networking, lifestyle, politics, entertainment, events and community connections.  I want you to become raving fans of and frequent attendees to our events.

We see LGBTQ is not as alphabet soup. It is our check list. Is everyone covered? Do we have enough different views on this news topic? Who do we know that can shed light on this subject?

“Did you see the article on” That is music to our ears. Sharing, commenting, debating, I am from a big family. Bring it on!

Our smart strong, dedicated and restless content team raises the bar every day. You should hear the passion and focus in the strategy meetings. Our team will grow in 2016 and I am in relentless pursuit of thought leaders, commentators and unique talent.

Our sales department is clear on their job description. It is to help businesses do more business with LGBTQ consumers. For the advertisers who have remained dedicated to our brand, we honor you and are excited to bring you a new and premium product. For small businesses looking to maximize their advertising dollars, we will find creative solutions to keep you in front of your consumers. For regional advertisers, we promise to develop results focused custom campaigns that invite LGBTQ customers to your business.

Off we go on the journey for 2016. I hope you’ll connect with me, share insights, point me in fun directions, keep me from falling in pits, and high fiving great results.

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