Gay man suing Fort Lauderdale Police department

Claims police punched him and yelled faggot


A Boca Raton man arrested for several traffic charges including fleeing from police officers on his motorcycle in December is suing the Fort Lauderdale police department for brutality.

Ronald Clouse Jr., 42, claims that officers “punched him at least four times with a closed fist while he was pinned underneath his motorcycle. Additionally, he alleged that a back-up unit yelled derogatory comments at him while he was being punched in the face,” according to a complaint filed by Clouse with FTLPD.

According to the police report on December 26, 2009 FTL officer T.M. O’Neal attempted to stop Clouse after he saw him make an illegal lane change on N.

Federal Hwy and Oakland Park Blvd.

When officer O’Neal turned on his lights Clouse began to slow down, and then sped back up. He did this several times until he lost the officer. Later the officer found Clouse with his green motorcycle broken down on Las Olas Blvd. The officer said that he attempted to initiate a traffic stop with Clouse on Las Olas, but as he approached Clouse attempted to ride away.

“Clouse hit the curb and fell of the motorcycle, The motorcycle fell on top of him. Clouse then attempted to get but again but again fell. Myself and other officers had to pick up the motorcycle off of Clouse. I then was able to handcuff Clouse without incident,” the police report states.

“My father was the chief of police in the town I grew up in,” Clouse told the Broward new Times. “I never imagined that anything like this would ever happen to me. But I’m still so upset I have trouble leaving the house. I never really thought much about post-traumatic stress, but now I think that’s exactly what I’m feeling.”

Police have concluded an internal investigation and determined that officers acted within their jurisdiction within the incident and no action will be taken.

Clouse is scheduled to appear in court on June 24 to face charges of fleeing or attempting to elude an officer; passing a vehicle within an occupied lane while on a motorcycle and driving with a suspended license. No court date has been scheduled for the civil complaint.