Gay Couple Use Legal Loophole To Marry In Australia

Written by Agenda Florida

SYDNEY — James Hanley and Dan Waknin, both openly gay men, have taken advantage of a legal diplomatic loophole – to wed last week in the British consulate.

Daily Mail Australia writes:

After two-and-a-half years of dating, the Manly couple were able to legalise their relationship under the British marriage equality laws because of Mr Hanley’s dual citizenship with Australia and Britain.

‘It was fantastic – it feels quite surreal,’ Mr Hanley told the Daily Mail on Saturday.

‘We’re very lucky very fortunate that I have the passport that we had the opportunity.’

They had planned on getting married when Mr Waknin, who was born in Spain and became an Australian citizen in 2014, began researching how to take the next step legally, despite Australia’s laws.

Mr Waknin stumbled upon the British loophole and went to the consulate to double check that it was valid.

Officials confirmed that for $600, they could get married under British law but their wedding would not be recognized in terms of Australia’s laws.

H/T: Daily Mail Australia

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