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Family Dollar Store Refuses To Serve Gay Louisiana Customer

Written by Richard Hack

NEW ORLEANS—A cashier at a Family Dollar store in New Orleans, Louisiana, refused to serve a gay woman whose cell phone recording of the incident has gone viral.

Despite reports that the management of the store refused to stop the discrimination in progress, the patron can be heard saying, “She won’t serve me because I’m gay… ”

“I don’t care about you [gay people],” the clerk responds. “I’m not serving them two,” referring to customer Melissa Langford and her friend.

While eventually another clerk at the store rang up the sale, Langford said, “I think everybody’s entitled to think what they want, but as a representative of a company, like a national chain, it’s completely inappropriate and a blatant disregard for other people’s feelings,” Langford said.

Last Monday morning, Family Dollar issued a statement saying, “We take incidents like this very seriously. We have a Code of Ethics in place that ensures inclusion for customers and associates and helps to ensure good customer care. The code specifically forbids unprofessional conduct and comments on sexual orientation, among other matters. Any activity that goes against this code is simply not how we expect our stores to do business.

“This situation is currently under investigation.”

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