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Harvey Rants: Let The Idiot Trump Be The Republican’s Problem

Written by Richard

Gravel-voiced, Brooklyn-born actor/playright Harvey Fierstein has never been known for his restraint. His Tony-award winning Torch Song Trilogy set him on the street to success. Fierstein made his theater debut in 1971 as “an asthmatic lesbian maid” in Andy Warhol’s only play, Pork. He is also one of just a handful of people to won four Tony awards in different categories: two for Torch Song in 1983 as Best Actor (Play) and Author of Best Play: a third in 1984, the Book (Musical) Tony for writing the libretto of La Cage aux Folles; and the fourth in 2003, as Best Actor (Musical) in the Divine role of Edna Turnblad in Hairspray. To date, it’s been quite a ride.

As an writer and actor who never considered himself in the closet, since he was considered gay before the proverbial closet was discovered, Fierstein has been refreshingly outspoken about, well, everything,  His latest outpouring came to us on Monday by way of rant in which he says enough is enough with these Trump protests. Stop it now; shut it down. That’s Fierstein’s view. It’s not because he thinks Trump shouldn’t be told to shut up. It’s more that Fierstein things it’s the Republicans’ job to do it.

“Watching our people protesting Trump today I have to say that I don’t understand what we’re doing.”

“I understand that we must always speak out against intolerance and bigotry and anyone who would destroy American values to ensure their own profits but, at this moment… WHY ARE WE DOING THE REPUBLICANS’ JOB FOR THEM?

“They created Trump. They earned him. As if their hateful rhetoric wasn’t enough, just in how they treated our President, they earned Trump!

“With every racist slight, with every homophobic slander, with every manufactured semi-automatic weapon and oil spill and fracking disaster and shuttered women’s clinic and attack on affordable health care, the Republican leadership built this Frankenstein monster.

“Let the monster they created and nurtured destroy them!”

He added: “What do you think they’ll do if we manage to Dump Trump? They’ll only turn around and give us the next horror from their arsenal of selfish intolerance.

“Look who they have to offer America. Next up is Cruz. CRUZ!!!!!

“Someone who has done nothing in his career but self promote, obstruct progress, and lie.

“Don’t you see that Trump is the radical that makes the dangerous Cruz look reasonable? Even THEY loathe Cruz. But they are willing to back him to the White House.


“They’ve already all said that they’d back Trump if he gets the nomination. Does anyone really think they have America’s welfare at heart????

“My friends… This is the time for us to work FOR OUR PARTY and not for the Republicans.

“They poisoned their garden and can now only grow weeds and briers like Trump and Cruz.

“They need to make things right in their own world or, trust me, they will poison us all. They need to clean up the toxic waste dump that has become their party. We can’t do that for them.

“Meanwhile, WE have our own work to do. We have our own candidates to support. We have America’s future to worry about.

“Let’s do our job. Let’s use our energy to work FOR SOMETHING. Not against it.”

Here, here.