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Another Flakka Attack Nearby

Written by Richard Hack

STUART, FL—The ugly face of Flakka announced its presense in Stuart, FL, this past week when a man identified as Nico Gallo came crashing through the plate glass front window of a home on SE Orchard St. He immediately attacked a mother and her 30-year-old son in the living room.

Despite having hit the attacker several dozens of times with an aluminum baseball bat, the man identified as Gallo continued to try to punch and scratch the pair. A witness later told investigators, he and Gallo had taken LSD and a drug called methylone which belongs in the class of so-called bath salts or Flakka, Snyder noted. Tests revealed it was another compound called dibutylone, another bath salt.

Gallo was arrested by the Martin County deputy sheriffs, who said that “this suspect had no criminal history, and now he faces life felonies.”

Gallo was hospitalized in stable condition while nvestigators said they will recommend charges of burglary and assault during a burglary.