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Plea from Harvey Milk Foundation for Courage and Honor in Face of Tragedy

Written by Agenda Florida

This afternoon, Stuart Milk, the nephew of LGBT icon Harvey Milk and the head of the Harvey Milk Foundation, issued an official statement regarding the terrorist attack in Orlando at the LGBT nightclub Pulse in whcih at least 50 patrons were murdered.


“Last night, the worst domestic terror attack since 911 has tragically hit American

LGBT families head on — children, moms, dads, neighbors, friends — lives that are

changed forever. In the days ahead, we will come to know the latest victims of hatred

— mostly young men and women who were simply out for a night of dancing and

enjoyment of our community during LGBT Pride month. These victims of a hate

crime targeting an LGBT club had their futures stolen, had their dreams stolen, their

potential contributions stolen from us all.


“The LGBT Orlando community and our allies in Central Florida are both strong and unified. We send a world of love and prayers to all who are grieving today and to all who will begin the hard journey to

recover from untold wounds, both physical and emotional. But our love and prayers

are simply not enough. Hate and separation continue to bring forth too much grief,

too many stolen lives across the whole world.


“As we reach out to comfort the Orlando families, and as we support the courage for the injured to heal, may we also have the strength to address and deal with the roots of hatred and separation that

target any minority community with violence, anywhere in the world. May we find

a way forward to make this act of horrendous violence a commitment to come

together and so honor the memories of those who were killed today.”

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