Written by Richard


The New Yorker Presents Amazon Prime
Everything you wanted in a television magazine is here in The New Yorker Presents. This ground breaking series brings the award winning magazine to the screen with a compelling mixture of clever shorts, the iconic cartoons and documentaries of New York life from origins of the September 11th attacks to the Naked Cowboy in Times Square. If you like 60 minutes and the unmistakable New Yorker wit, poetry and critical thinking, this is the series for you.


11.22.63 Hulu
Eight episode J.J. Abrams series based on Stephen King’s best seller 11.22.63. The series is about a story surrounding President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Starring James Franco, this time travel series is weaved into one of the most important moments in American history. Fans of the book have plenty to gripe about concerning the changes when converted to a series, but you will be instantly pulled into this period piece by the brilliant cast.
Subscription Services


Hulu is a popular streaming subscription choice for tv show fans who want to cut the cord but keep current with the lasts shows. The service provides access to most networks and is inexpensive. You won’t find Madame Secretary or any other CBS shows and there are frequent commercials but the cool thing about hulu is that you can access the entire season. For the BBC lovers, hulu Plus is the best place to get BBC content in the United States (Great British Bakeoff, Dr. Who) Monthly fee $7.99



Xbox 360
Gaming consoles now have the ability stream movies and television. Netflix and hulu are just available on Xbox 360 or Xbox. Set up is simple from the apps menu and this is a great option for gamers who don’t want to add another piece of hardware or costly HDMI cords to their big screen sets. With a high speed connection like any other device, streaming is fast and convenient without wait time for loading.