Ellen DeGeneres Launches Ellen Digital Network

While you weren’t paying attention, Ellen DeGeneres was gently promoting digital content on daytime TV, making YouTube, Vine and Snapchat understandable and accessible to an entire population usually ignored by those platforms. Who cares if some of it is remedial (like explaining Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” memes years after their inception)? The point is that she’s basically explaining the internet to people who didn’t know they wanted to care. And this is why her next step as an all-powerful mogul is so potentially lucrative. She’s launching the Ellen Digital Network, a programming slate that includes the Damn, Daniel kids, an animated series about her own pets called Ellens Pet Dish, new episodes of Dance Challenge, a user-generated content show called #MadeByYou, the Ellen Show game called Epic or Fail, and a content development deal with social media star Tyler Oakley. Bottom line: Ellen is taking your mom into the future with her, and you’ll know your own life has jumped the shark when she makes a show out of unicycling frog meme, “Here Come Dat Boi.”

Photo Credit: mashable.com