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A Valentine’s Day Guide To Chocolate

Strawberries in chocolate isolated on white background. Melted Chocolate pouring on fresh ripe juicy strawberry close up. Dessert. Gourmet food, fondue
Written by Kevin Broady

There is nothing like chocolate. When it comes to the appeal of chocolate, the taste, texture, aroma and packaging are hard to beat. Americans consume 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate each year, or over 11 pounds per person. We will eat nearly 18 percent of world’s chocolate, or around $18.27 billion worth, according to estimates in June 2015 data from Euromonitor. The FDA defines chocolate under different labels unsweetened, bittersweet, semisweet, sweet, milk, and white chocolate; the rest, well, the rest is up to the manufacturer and can get a bit confusing. What I do know is that we consume a lot of chocolate, but as Americans we eat too much of everything! Then what makes chocolate so special?

Products made from cocoa have been considered an exclusive item. The Incas thought it was their gods’ drink of choice.

In fact, the scientific name of the cocoa tree, Theobroma cacao, comes from the Greek words theo (god) and broma (drink) – (the Gods drink cocoa?). From the days of Aztecs it’s been considered an aphrodisiac, and it undoubtedly remains the sexiest, most sensual food out there. Some of the chemicals it contains, such as theobromine and phenylethylamine, are thought to be responsible for chocolate’s erotic properties; of course, there is also the fact that chocolate is not only delicious, but easily melts into a warm substance that reminds us of something sexual as it glides down our throats.

With Valentines coming up, it seemed only relevant to run over some of the many fun and romantic ways that chocolate can be used in foreplay. Just make sure when using melted chocolate that you don’t overheat it you might burn your partner or the chocolate.

Fetish Style. While feeding your partner chocolate is an obvious part of foreplay, working it into the dominant-submissive dynamic can make chocolate consumption that much more sensual. Get the more dominant partner to lie on the bed, stripped naked; then slowly hand feed him/her fruits dipped in warm chocolate, touching his/her lips and making him/her lick your fingers. If you love being pampered or submissive in bed, this little game can be a real winner.

Sweetened Kiss. There’s nothing sweeter than tonguing your partner while his/her mouth is full of chocolate. You can play with this a bit too, perhaps slipping in a piece of chocolate while your partner is distracted as a surprise.

Steamy Massage. In this case, warming your partner up with a sensual massage and then dripping warm chocolate on his/her back may be just the thing. Of course, licking the chocolate off with your warm tongue will only add to the arousing effect.

Sensitive Licking. Every partner has different sensitive spots on his/her body, and capitalizing on this is a definite yes. Applying melted chocolate to areas such as nipples, ears, toes and thighs and then cleaning it off with your mouth and tongue will guarantee your partner a hot time.

Cocoa Job. Nothing puts more energy into sex than when somebody has a mouth full of chocolate and goes down on you. With men, as long as you steer clear of his tiny hole up top, covering his shaft and scrotum with chocolate and sucking if off will be a more than pleasurable experience for the both of you, and he may very well add some “white cream filling” to your genital truffle delight.

Women however, can easily get infections from such play, NEVER PUT IT INSIDE. To play it safe, stick to the thighs, nipples or other erotic areas.

Hide and Seek. Blindfold your partner and dab chocolate somewhere on your naked body. Then make your partner try to “find” the chocolate using his/her mouth. This can be a fun slow way to get aroused if you and your partner enjoy close intimacy.

Hot and Cold. Some people find the extremes of hot and cold on their body extremely arousing, and what better way to do this than with warm chocolate and frozen strawberries? An especially sexy way, while teasing him/her with the chocolate, strawberries, and your mouth on his/her erotic zones.

Body Lube. If you like getting hot and sticky, here’s one experience you won’t ever forget. You’re going to need some old sheets and about a fair-sized container of chocolate (or chocolate syrup). Simply have sex… and smother each other’s bodies with chocolate. Obviously you’re going to need a shower after this, but despite the mess the sensation will be outstanding!

So if you were looking for a new, sexy experience this Valentines, consider using chocolate. Just provide the bed, some chocolate and see where it goes. Remember, sex is about playing and having fun and what’s more fun than chocolate?