8 GIFs To Remember Big Ang

Alexander Kacala
Written by Alexander Kacala

Early Thursday morning, reality television personality Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola passed away after a long and arduous battle with cancer. The 55-year-old flamboyant star rose to fame after appearing on the second season of Mob Wives, now currently in its sixth season on VH1.

Raiola was a longtime ally to the gay community. “I love the gay community,” she said in an August 2012 episode. “I love them and they love me. We have a special relationship, we both have an obsession with clothes and shoes.” She also launched a gay night at the Drunken Monkey, a Staten Island bar she managed, and was an outspoken proponent of marriage equality.

Her last TV appearance was February 16, 2015 on The Dr. Oz Show, she opened up about her family and battle with throat cancer. We remember the reality television star with some of the best GIFS out there portraying her signature honesty, undeniable spirit, and lovable attitude towards celebrating life.

VH1 mob wives big ang smack sometimes

RealityTVGIFs jealous youre looking a little jealous over there big ang angela big ang raiola

VH1 party celebrate mob wives big ang

RealityTVGIFs thank you vh1 mob wives big ang

RealityTVGIFs tv drinking vacation big ang

RealityTVGIFs drinking unimpressed big ang brunch

vh1 big ang we do but we are loving it

VH1 hearts mob wives big ang narcissism