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Potatoes “graaatan”

Posted on 06 April 2014

This one is cheap, fast , easy and so delicious that you’ll make it often. Great to serve as a side with any fish or meat dish, or if your going all veggie, you can do it as your main. • 4 thinly sliced spuds.  • 3 knobs of butter • 3 heaped teaspoons of […]


Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Posted on 22 March 2014

Since being in Florida l have found it so handy to just buy an already roasted chicken, rather than buy a chicken and roast it at home. So grab a roasted chicken at Publix and use the left overs for your soup. • 4 pints of water  • 1 pint chicken stock • 2 celery […]



Posted on 01 March 2014

Pilau became standard fare in the Middle East over the years with variations and innovation by the Arabs, Turks and Armenians. In Italian cuisine “pilaf” is a rice pre-cooking style that allows chefs in busy restaurants to cut down time in risotto preparation. Usually a large tray of rice will be boiled for 7 minutes […]


Mashed Potatoes

Posted on 22 January 2014

In my opinion the best mashed potatoes are made with “floury” types of potato (like russet), although “waxy” potatoes are sometimes used for a different texture. Butter, olive oil, milk or cream is usually added to improve flavor and texture, and the potatoes are seasoned with salt and pepper, and any other desired herbs and […]


Mushroom & Black Truffle Soup

Posted on 16 January 2014

I put this soup on the New Year’s Eve menu and a lot of you were asking for it. Here you go…. Happy new year !! The largest truffle markets in France (and probably also in the world) are in Vaucluse and Lalbenque in Quercy. These markets are busiest in the month of January, when the […]


La Galette des Rois

Posted on 09 January 2014

This is a French cake that celebrates the Epiphany, the day when the 3 Kings visited the Baby Jesus. As part of French tradition, a bean or small china “feve” or favor is hidden in the cake. The person who finds the “feve” in his or her slice becomes king or queen for the day. […]


Baba Ghanoush

Posted on 28 December 2013

Eggplant’s lovely purple skin adds a colorful punch to many healthy eggplant recipes. And it’s great texture is sturdy enough to stand up to the fire of a grill! You’re most familiar with it here in the States, served up breaded and fried, and covered in melted cheese—NOT healthful fare! Chunks of eggplant can be […]


Mulled wine (Vin Chaud)

Posted on 19 December 2013

When winter season swirls in, nothing could be cozier than a toasty mug of mulled wine. It’s the vine’s version of a classic hot toddy, and is a traditional holiday treat all over the World even in places like South Florida. I always think of our skiing outings when I have “Vin Chaud”. Mulled wines […]


Irish Coffee

Posted on 13 December 2013

Caife Gaelach (in Irish) is a cocktail consisting of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar, stirred, and topped with thick cream. The coffee is drunk through the cream. The original recipe explicitly uses cream that has not been whipped, although whipped cream is often used because it’s easier to get it floating on top! Irish […]


Gratin of Sweet Potatoes with Ricotta and Herbs

Posted on 05 December 2013

This little recipe is easy and delicious. If you use a little “cocotte” to bake and serve it, it looks so fantastic when you bring it to the table. Your guests will “ohh & ahh” before they even taste this delicious little gratin. Presentation counts, guys! • 4 sweet potatoes • ½ lb of ricotta cheese  • 2 […]


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