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Screen Savor: Growing up

Posted on 30 July 2014

Richard Linklater has been what you could call a groundbreaking independent filmmaker for more than 20 years. Beginning with his 1991 feature “Slacker,” in which he not only helped to make the title of the film a part of the mainstream vernacular, Linklater left his mark. With his next films “Dazed and Confused,” “Waking Life,” […]


Screen Savor: Apes and Ebert

Posted on 16 July 2014

If you are one of the few people who missed the 2011 James Franco vehicle “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, the more successful of the 21st century “Planet of the Apes” franchise reboots (the other being the humiliating 2001 Tim Burton “Planet of the Apes” remake with Mark Wahlberg), the first couple […]


Screen Savor: Music to Our Ears

Posted on 02 July 2014

If you saw (and loved) writer/director John Carney’s 2006 breakthrough film “Once,” about the unlikely romance that develops between an Irish busker and a Czech immigrant, then you’ve probably been waiting for a follow-up that is its equal. “Begin Again” (Weinstein) comes close, but it doesn’t quite make the cut. Down-on-his-luck indie record label founder […]


Screen Savor: Ida and Docs for Pride

Posted on 26 June 2014

Filmmaker and writer Pawel Pawlikowski has a talent for presenting unforgettable female characters such as young lesbian Tamsin – played by Emily Blunt (!) – in “My Summer of Love.” The same holds true for the titular character in “Ida” (Music Box Films).  About a week before orphan-turned-novitiate nun Anna (Agata Trzebuchowska) is set to […]


Screen Savor: Flying High

Posted on 31 May 2014

“Malignant” would have been a better title for “Maleficent” (Disney), a movie that belongs in the same Disney trash heap as 2013’s “Oz The Great and Powerful,”  2010’s “Alice In Wonderland” and 1993’s “Hocus Pocus.” From its derivative and clichéd story with far too many liberties taken, to its tired special effects (haven’t we seen […]

Screen Savor: X Rated

Posted on 24 May 2014

First the bad news: “X-Men Days of Future Past” (20th Century Fox/Marvel) is yet another example of the unnecessary overuse of 3-D. The few scenes in which it is best utilized would probably be as effective in 2-D. Also, newly-out actress Ellen Page is completely wasted as Kitty Pryde, whose powers of intangibility extend to […]


The Last Picture Show

Posted on 21 May 2014

In the original 1950 movie Sunset Boulevard, William Holden finds himself inside the world of silent movie star Norma Desmond (played by Gloria Swanson). “Haven’t I seen you before?” Holden asks Swanson. “You’re Norma Desmond,” Holden insists, after Swanson tells him to get out of her house. “You used to be in silent pictures. You […]


The Horror!: “Stage Fright” and “All Cheerleaders Die”

Posted on 13 May 2014

Part homage, part parody, Jerome Sable’s “Stage Fright” (Magnet), contains references to “Camp,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “Friday the 13th,” “Carrie,” “Phantom of the Paradise,” “Scream” and countless other pop culture faves in the horror/slasher/fame genres. “Stage Fright” opens with the familiar horror device of a gory death – the brutal murder of Broadway musical […]


Screen Savor: Southern Baptist Sissies

Posted on 10 April 2014

“A film of the theatrical experience,” Southern Baptist Sissies (Beard Collins Shores Productions) might feel like a bit of a letdown after the Sordid Lives movie and subsequent TV series. But the strength of Del Shores’ writing and the performances of the talented cast go a long way in convincing the viewer to overlook the […]


Tab Hunter Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted on 31 October 2013

Iconic movie star Tab Hunter received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival on Tuesday night. The event was held at Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale, where the film Polyester was screened afterwards. Polyester, one of director John Waters’ most popular films, featured Tab Hunter, Divine and Edith Massey. Mr. Hunter starred […]


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